Coffee heat rising

IS there a reason????

Is there a reason that EVERYTHING has to be as complicated as possible, and then some?

goddammit! No matter what I touch, no matter what I try to do, invariably I end up doing it the hard way! WHY is that?

As we scribble, my glasses are lost. As in LOST lost.

Searched from pillar to post and back to pillar, and can NOT find them.

You understand: this is not a minor thing. I’m darn near blind without a pair of glasses.

Normally, I wear a pair of reading glasses in an old Rx that lets me see to read and also lets me see off in the distance…sorta. Couldn’t drive in them, but they do just fine for stumbling around the house, walking the dog, and roaming the grocery store. I like them because they’re in a very subtle and pretty gold frame, purchased back in the day when I could afford such things. As you can imagine, I do NOT appreciate losing a $300 pair of glasses frames.

Realized I couldn’t find them when I got out of the pool this afternoon.

  1. No, they’re not on the bottom of the pool.
  2. No, they’re not on the table near the pool.
  3. No, they’re not on the patio table near the back door.
  4. No, they’re not on the ground or Kool-Deck around the pool.
  5. No, they’re not on the kitchen counter.
  6. No, they’re not on the bathroom counter.
  7. No, they’re not on the dining-room table.
  8. No, they’re not on the nightstand.
  9. No, they’re not on top of a bureau drawer.
  10. No, they’re not on the bed.
  11. No, they’re not on my desk.
  12. No, they’re not in the back bathroom.

They. Are. Not. ANYWHERE to be found!

….aaaaand…in the middle of this disquisition, the damn computer ran out of juice and shut down.

Par for the course, hm?

Surprisingly, it didn’t lose any data. That’s weird.

At any rate, I have a perfectly fine pair of progressives concocted by the impressive New Eye Doc (who is a very old man and so knows what the world looks like through aging eyes). They work exceptionally well for most purposes…EXCEPT for working on computers.

The up-close section is not large enough to view a keyboard and a computer screen in one field of vision. Not even on the laptop, and especially not on the big desktop iMac. Consequently, I have to keep tilting my head to see what I’m doing. This applies to any close-up task. Like, for example, writing this post.

But this glasses-losing shenanigan is par for the course. Of late everything I do devolves into a complicated runaround. And boyoboy am I tired of it!

In other ditz-engendering precincts, one of the lively y0ung neighbors on Facebook reports that she just got hired as a principal in the District and is looking to hire new faculty. Would we please let any new College of Ed graduates know?

Bless her heart! How can I count the ways I am soooooooo glad not to be teaching anymore? 😀

And I didn’t even have to teach K-12! My students were purported grown-ups.

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