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So SDXB came through the gerzillion-bypass surgery with flying colors. They dissected him yesterday; today he he’s been up walking around twice, and he socialized so exuberantly with all his relatives that his sister (who runs the tribe) had to send them all out of the place so he would settle down and sleep. New Girlfriend went off to transport a recliner from her palace to his—oddly for such an Archie Bunker sorta guy, he’s never had a classic Naugahyde recliner (or any other kind of recliner).

SiS (Sister-in-Sin) sent a photo, saying he looks “cute”…

Except for all the gear attached to him, the old buzzard looks almost normal. It’s amazing, isn’t it, what medical science can do? Now if we can just manage to get access to it…

SDXB has a combination of military retiree coverage and Medicare, which should pretty well cover what probably is something over a hundred grand worth of surgery and treatment.

BiS, the eminent cardiac anaesthesiologist, says the reason SDXB was navigating pretty normally despite a chestful of clogged arteries is most likely is steady, vigorous exercise. He climbs the hills in the local mountain parks, hikes, walks, bicycles, and swims—a day never goes by when he doesn’t get some kind of exercise. As it develops, exercise causes your body to develop new blood vessels around the heart, and that probably is how blood was getting to his heart. BiS also learned that apparently SDXB’s heart itself is not damaged. So assuming he recovers from the surgery without complication, he should be OK. In fact, he should be better than OK.

I hope that New Girlfriend will stay around over the summer. She has a home in Colorado, where she usually decamps to escape the heat—he had planned to spend part of the summer there, in between junkets to Michigan, Canada, and the Pacific Southwest. In spite of SDXB’s apparent vigor, I’m afraid it will take two or three months before he’s back to normal, and somebody needs to be in the offing during that time.

The daughters discovered that both his insurance plans provide in-home care, though it remains to be seen whether he’ll be incapacitated enough to qualify (usually you must need help in several living tasks, such as dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting). If he can get someone in to help, that would be good. Otherwise…it’s 19.44 miles from my house to his. {sigh}

At any rate, the guy’s a poster boy for daily exercise. If he hadn’t kept himself in the kind of shape he’s in, he’d have croaked over long ago.

5 thoughts on “It LIVES!”

  1. I am So Glad for SDXB, NG, and you…I have been checking in all day, anxious for news. I am not religious, per se, but prayers Do work.
    Let the old buzzard pay for your gas if he needs you. I know you would be happy to help him if needed. And maybe NG could use a little break after this ordeal.
    Keep us all posted. I have become emotionally invested in your whole group of characters. And don’t forget, you have “a tribe” too, even if we just exist in the ethernet world.
    Sill Hangin In !!!

  2. Great news! Takes me back: this time last year, my 70-yr-old dad had just had a multiple bypass and was sitting in a similar chair, adorned with the same tubes etc.!

    Do keep an eye on SDXB, though; once they’re in physical recovery, heart bypass patients are often known to suffer from depression. Various reasons proposed for this. Even my dad – a chirpy, Cockney sparra sort – was very down for a few months. Odd stuff.

    If it’s any consolation, my dad didn’t need help with any living tasks – in fact, I don’t think any such assistance was offered. (Mind you, this is the NHS – so you only get it if you really need it. He was in hospital for a week-and-a-half after the op. He did need to be driven around though – bypass patients aren’t supposed to drive for a while.

  3. @ Miss Thrifty: Thanks for the reminder…my father went into a deep blue funk, from which he never fully recovered. It’s not surprising: a life-threatening illness late in life is an inescapable reminder of one’s own mortality. And, perhaps more depressing, of one’s impending frailty.

    This guy is pretty upbeat psychologically, and resilience runs in his family. His mother managed to make her not-altogether-voluntary move into an assisted-living facility sound like a good thing!

    This is one of the reasons I’m hoping New Girlfriend will stick around over the summer. She has an effervescent personality, and since he’s very smitten with her, it should be difficult for him to stay depressed with her nearby.

  4. Yep. My husband’s PT’s and surgeons etc have told him repeatedly that his recovery from his car crash is at least in part due to his great physical shape. He was training for cross country ski season and it’s probably very lucky that that was the case!

    As for SDXB–poor guy! Being hooked up to machines is no fun. I hope he goes wireless soon.

  5. And we are just so happy he is doing well. Something to be said for exercise. Good for him and he looks great considering!

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