Coffee heat rising

It’s HERE!

Hot diggety, folks. Camptown Races’ VERY FIRST Racy Book for Racy Readers is live and online at Amazon!! WooHOO! And how silly and fun can you get?

Really, I’m pretty proud of this little gem. The story is entertaining and promises to develop into something much more entertaining as the series progresses (we have a murder…accident?…in the Bobbi’s future), the writing is better than most of my efforts (IMHO), and the characters are a hoot.

Full-size BB1 jpeg

Oh! What a hunk, eh?

One of the most prominent publishing experts in the industry looked at that image and remarked, “Excellent cover, by the way. Even if most bikers have beer bellies and b.o. It’s fantasy, right!”


So how does the Bobbi thing go?  After her car and her cell phone die in 115-degree heat, Professor Bobbi Stuart is rescued by an alarming man. Things heat up from there…

So…if you don’t mind reading erotica for the sheer joy of erotica, you really must buy this book.