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Lamp Tragedy: Rays of Light

Sorry: couldn’t resist that one. But yes: there are some twinkles of hope now, in the wake of the Great Lamp Tragedy. After spending half of yesterday traipsing to lamp stores, I ended up shooting down to the spectacularly pricey Hinkley’s after finishing Front Desk duty at the church.

There I met a saleslady who looked like she was hired fresh out of modeling school. And she suggested — why didn’t I think of it? — taking note of the lamp’s stock number (embossed on the bottom of the base) and asking Restoration Hardware if they can come up with a replacement.

Freaking brilliant!

Haven’t had time to do that yet: I’m back down at the church now, and the instant I get off duty here I have to race back to the house, let the dog out for 10 minutes, then race down to the Old Folkerie to pick up my dear friends to go to their favorite fancy restaurant to celebrate their anniversary.

Sooo much better than wrestling with the busted lamp conundrum.

This morning was full of busy tasks, so didn’t get to besieging RH today. This evening if I’m up to it I’ll look up that number and send an email.

BUT… That is not the only lead.

Whiling away the afternoon here at the church (the school is closed for a long weekend and the phone has rung all of once), I started cruising the Web. Eventually thought…hmmm…is it remotely possible that Amazon has these things?

Over to the evil empire; enter “torchière glass lamp shade,” and up come dozens of them. Few are what I would want. But hey: here’s the whole damn lamp for eighty bucks! It’s not identical, but it’s mighty close. Dollars to donuts that shade on the thing will fit the fancier one. And if it doesn’t? Either send it back or, if it’s not too hideous, use the whole lamp and stash the other one while searching for a shade that will work.

Meanwhile, a commenter at Amazon remarked that they had found a replacement torchière shade at Lowe’s. Of all places! Well, I don’t see just the shades, but they have a pile of (inexpensive) torchière floor lamps. Home Depot has even more of them!

Who’d’ve thunk it?