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Lazy Day Yakezie Roundup

Feeling a little under the weather today, having overdone with two or three 18-hour days in a row. The brain gone completely numb, I decided to cruise a few of the four score sites belonging to members of the Yakezie Challenge, in search of ideas and entertainment.

Here’s some low-hanging fruit you may enjoy:

Len Penzo got up to conducting a highly unscientific study of store-brand vs. name-brand grocery-store products. Very entertaining, and the results are not necessarily what you’d expect.

Bucksome Boomer inherited a headache with her new Verizon telephone number and wonders if you have had a similar problem, and if so, whether you have any suggestions for how to handle it.

Speaking of Verizon, another Tale from the Customer Service Crypt is bubbling up at CJ Bowker’s Life of an Insurance Salesman.

The Girl with the Red Balloon is searching for health insurance—quite a dizzying conundrum!

Little House in the Valley contemplates the possibility of building an eco-friendly kit home. Hm. I wonder if the beach comes with the Eco-Cottage.

In a nice think piece, Frugal Zeitgeist argues that minimalism is a form of activism.

At Out of Debt Again, Mrs. Accountability was surprised to learn that, contrary to what she had been told, January estimated tax payments count toward the prior year.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and her readers discover that the free renovations delivered by Extreme Makeover can drive the residents to bankruptcy.

Hmmm… Wonder what’s going on with my friends in the non-Yakezie universe?

Over at MSN Smart Spending, Karen Datko has busted free from the chains of pay TV. Along the way, she throws off a whole lot of information sparks…lots of ideas and facts here.

At The Digerati Life, SVB contemplates ways to get out of an upside-down car loan.

Revanche suggests that you should keep your résumé up to date at all times, explaining why at A Gai Shan Life.

At Room Farm, Chance has thrown off the cancer. She and her partner are about to embark for a trek through Nepal, and so she’s planning to take down her wonderful blog. She does hold out some hope, though, that she may come back with a new site.

Simply Forties holds forth on sparkling wines, explaining how they’re made, what to look for, and what to serve them with.

Frugal Scholar started ruminating about home-made yogurt yesterday; today she picks up the conversation with a mellow and humorous post on how making bread and yogurt can save you money.

So there you go. I’ve accomplished almost nothing today, but fortunately others have been busy. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lazy Day Yakezie Roundup”

  1. RE Bucksome Boomer cell phone headache: I got am in the same situation since I got my first cell phone a few years ago. The first collectors that called (& I innocently answered the call) actually told me that by answering the phone I was acknowledging I was the person they were looking for – I finally just had to hang up on them & ignore repeated calls for awhile. The messages they leave (now that I don’t pick up from unrecognized numbers) are truly weird – according to them I apparently broke the law by listening all the way through one voice mail left for someone else on my telephone in a room where there were other people present. I tried calling them back to let them know they have a bad number, but the calls just stop for a few weeks & then start again. My cell company told me that unless I get an actual number they can’t block the calls (they block by incoming phone #), and that these centers use multiple numbers – & company names – so it’s a losing battle trying to keep ahead of them. And we get similar calls on our phone at work, for people who never worked there, so there are a lot of people out there who just make up phone numbers, I’m guessing.

  2. @ Ellen: This kind of harassment is against the federal law. Find out what company they’re collecting for — i.e., who is the party that’s owed money — and then call the U.S. Attorney’s office and describe exactly what you’ve described here.

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