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Let’s get this jerk

Enough is enough. Copyright © 2009 Funny about Money

I’d stopped secreting a copyright notice in the body copy of my posts, because the splogging of my site had slowed down enough to make that not worth the trouble. Besides, most of these chuckleheads simply steal the first few words and then insert a link back to my site, which tends to up one’s page rank, stupidly enough.

But here’s a real, unvarnished word thief: 

This low-life is stealing my articles and publishing them as his own, amid garlands of advertising. It’s now more than just a matter of principle: he’s stealing revenue that I sorely need because of the coming layoff.

Will you please go to this site right here and enter a complaint about the thefts shown at these URLs:


On some of these, he’s contrived to make the pingbacks go to older posts that have nothing to do with the post he stole, so obviously he knows he’s violating my copyright and AdSense policy and is trying to hide it. 

When you get to the AdSense support site, click on “Report a Policy Violation.” Then follow the steps. Enter the homepage URL where it asks for the name of the offending site, and then copy & paste the URLs of the post he stole from Funny about Money and put those into the box to report the specific offense. 

If you would like to report the specific FaM pages he has ripped off, they are as follows:  

Thanks for your help. AdSense may send you a reply saying you have to jump through other hoops, but I’ve been told that Google actually will act on complaints sent through their report-a-violation site without correspondents having to take further action.

7 thoughts on “Let’s get this jerk”

  1. How did you discover this?

    Your first mention has the address wrong: you left out the t.
    Also,you can report violations by clicking on the “Ads by Google” link on the miscreant’s site and reporting it there.

  2. @ frugalscholar: Good catch!!!! Wanna be an editor?

    His site pinged my site…nine times.

    There’s a site called Copyscape where you can enter a page URL to see if someone else has ripped it off:

    You can get a WordPress plugin that will detect scraping ( It seems like more trouble than it’s worth, though. Most scrapers don’t copy & paste enough of your copy to violate the Digital Millenium Act. It’s when someone copies my entire post and puts it up as his own that I get pissed. That doesn’t seem to happen often.

  3. Okay, and done. No response from Adsense in the last 2 minutes…we’ll see. It makes me so mad to see your postings on the other site without a word changed.

  4. Funny–I mentioned above what seemed to be a quick way to report the violation. It turns out that you are then asked to file a report. In writing. So the way you suggest is probably better.

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