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Between the semester-end deluge of student papers and SDXB’s illness, there hasn’t been a lot of time to write. But browsing other blogs seems to be irresistible, no matter how pressed for time you are! Over the last few days I’ve stumbled upon a few gems. Check these out:

Simple Life in France put up a guest post at Money Funk on the question of whether the $8,000/year average tuition for private schools is worth it. Simple Life is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers because of the excellence of her writing. Add her engagement in an interesting life experience, and you have the perfect mix for a daily blog.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has as its interesting premise the idea that a good frugal budget should include some room for things that give you pleasure—even some pretty pricey things. I got a hoot out of a recent post discussing things she and DH (and readers!) don’t skimp on.

A Gai Shan Life is the story of a young woman whose life is an ongoing drama. It’s fascinating stuff, and along the way she wrestles with financial and life issues that all of us are either dealing with now or soon or later will have to deal with. Recently she observed that her new coworkers display an alarming tendency to workaholism, leading to a post that spawned a slew of comments on the subject.

One of my perennial favorites is Frugal Scholar, who’s been in the same game I have for about as long and whose running commentary on life, the universe, and all that I find endlessly sympathique. Today she’s set me off with a post describing a guy who made a nice pile of money when he sold a successful business and then went back to graduate school, working for slave wages as a T.A.  Touches on one of my favorite hobbyhorses, the exuberant exploitation of graduate students and employees common to all universities.

I always watch for Room Farm‘s posts. She was much missed while she was out struggling with cancer treatment. This is freaking hilarious!

Simply Forties, a single woman who sold her home to take off on a long life adventure, is given to publishing THE most incredible recipes, as well as interesting ruminations like this one on Kindle, books and libraries.

Mrs. Accountability is one of the few women PF bloggers who live here in lovely uptown Arizona. I think she must live in a semirural area, because she describes what sounds like a big lot with a magnificent garden. Of late, she’s been ruminating about her credit score, whose mysterious decline led to some interesting discoveries about how those things are calculated.

Oh, my… It’s getting late and I have to get ready to go to class. Amazing how fast time passes when you’re reading about other peoples’ lives, isn’t it?

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  1. Hi, Funny! Thanks for the link love. I’ve got an update on my garden should be coming out next week one day, I’m so glad my husband was able to help me beat down the bulk of the weeds! And that credit score fiasco, so frustrating and yet as you say, the experience has been enlightening. Thanks again!

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