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Live-blogging from…What?

Wow! The biggest storm I’ve seen in 45 years just blew through the neighborhood. Power’s been off for almost two hours. It’s hotter than the hubs of Hades in here, even with all the windows and doors open.

LOL! Idiot neighbors are shooting off fireworks left over from July 4…and why not? This is the first time we’ve had pure darkness in forever, and besides, it’s like a sauna inside the house.

Somebody just tried to call me on a cell phone I couldn’t find. They hung up before I could home in on it…never did find the damn phone. It’s defunct, so I imagine it was the gummint trying to tell me the power’s out.

Appears to be pretty local, though: we can see the baleful orange glow of the city lights off in the distance, and I can hear the roar of traffic, probably from the freeway. The sirens have died down, so presumably the fire department and the cops have a handle on as much as they can get handles on.

Now that the wind is over, it’s still as death out there (except, of course, for the usual racket of Man, the Noisiest Animal). Not a breath of air is moving, so having the doors and sliders open serves no purpose other than to invite the occasional wandering perp to visit.

Cleverly, a few months ago I bought a battery-run camp lantern and enough batteries to run it for awhile.

The battery-run radio, though, seems to be a FAIL. It works, but it’s not bringing in a functional station. Apparently both NPR stations are offline, and what remains is useless blather.

The thing rode in on a huge dust storm along about 6:30, just as I was getting off the phone with a new client. Vast brown cloud descended on the human and the dog, shortly followed by howling winds.

 As in holy sh!t winds. The Queen of the Universe and I took refuge in the hallway, since there was so much nearby lightning that the bathtub, which comes as close to a tornado shelter as this house can offer, seemed ill-advised, given all the metal plumbing sticking out of it. Couldn’t hear that freight-train sound an actual tornado makes, so figured we were OK but didn’t want to be near windows. With all the doors in the hall shut, even if a skylight or window caved in, we would at worst get wet.

Then the rain began. Water piled up to the back door, which is about four inches above grade. Didn’t get in the house, though. The built-up threshold and weatherstripping around the side door kept it out of the garage (except where the door for the car doesn’t hit the ground…), and otherwise the house is built up high enough to withstand a four- or five-inch flood.


Finally figured out that the jangling phone bell came not from a zombie cell phone but from the actual hard-wired land line phone! One, count it, (1) of the phones in this house is a real, old-fashioned telephone. All the rest are wireless, but I still have an antique that plugs directly into the phone company’s system. When I dumped QWorst and went over to Cox, I assumed it would depend on the electric being on, since it’s actually wired into cable, not the phone lines. But lo! It lives!!!!!

Called M’hijito, who as usual did not answer the phone. He, being one of the aliens of the New Generation, believes that actually telephoning a human being, person to person, is a rude faux pas, and so he does not respond to such crudity.

But soon learned the jangling was elicited by SDXB, who tried to call an hour or so ago. And…..


 The power just came back on!

Looks like the router’s still down, though. I may have to shut down and reboot to get the laptop online. I’m actually drafting this post in Word on the MacBook laptop.

The iMac, a vast desktop array, is going batsh!t trying to get itself back to its preferred status. I’m running away from that…just let it do its thing and fix it in hindsight.

And so, back to work: have to finish restocking the Queen’s meat supply for the next week, and then to bed!

Thank goodness we won’t have to sleep on the (cool!) tile floor tonight!




7 thoughts on “Live-blogging from…What?”

  1. Good gravy you have me convinced that I need to get the rest of our emergency supplies together straightaway!
    Also about the landline? I mentioned the need for a plugged in, non-wireless phone to PiC for testing the phone line and he looked at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. And he’s not even the techy in the house! Hah.

    • No, actually, they’re decreasing significantly. The “heat island” effect from the urbanization — the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area is now larger than Los Angeles — drives storms away, aggravating what is already a severe drought. And said drought has gone on for 10 years.

      When I was a young thing, we got these spectacular storms every day from mid-July through the end of August. They’d roll in like clockwork, right about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Then we’d have an awesome light show in the evening. So, so beautiful! And the monsoons would cut the heat, so really July and August were not intolerable at all — a 115-degree day, which is routine now, was a real rarity then.

      Paved paradise, put up a parking lot. Lots and lots of parking lots!

  2. I know I’m not alone in that I continually flick light switches throughout a power outage, as if THIS light must still be working.

    You know, in the midst of a POWER OUTAGE.

    The power just went out ten minutes ago and I have already forgotten this fact seventeen times.

    • LOL! I go around trying to turn the lights off, but the problem is many of the house’s light are on rocker switches & can never remember which way is on and which way off.

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