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Livelying Up Again

Last couple of days I’ve felt more lively than I have all summer. Probably it has to do with the slight drop in outside temperatures — still in the low 100s, but 105 is a far cry from 115. And the mornings and evenings now are really lovely.

So I’ve contrived to get off my duff long enough to do a few small jobs that have lain fallow for month after unjustifiable month. The bermudagrass that I cleared out of the flowerbed last November sprang back in all its glory over the summer. I’ve just been too, too lazy to get out the chemicals, mix them up, get them all over myself, barricade the dogs away from the chemical dump, clean up the mess, and scour myself down with dawn and a scrub brush. What ought to be a fairly easy task is made difficult by the presence of presumably toxic, very stinky chemicals.

Anyway, the smell is dissipating this morning, even though I poured a-plenty of it on the damn devilgrass. Yesterday I finally got around to that job, along with figuring out what to do about the trash situation and cleaning the pool and picking up after the dogs and cleaning up after the yard guys and running the laundry and swiffering up the dog hair.

Gerardo’s guys pulled the translucent plastic paneling off the cedar beam & lathwork that covers the back patio, so that the painter can clean up the mess where the stuff leaked and apply new sealer. However, they left the strips that hold the things on…some of them. I think they did that pursuant to putting new stuff on, but…they busted up a lot of the strips. And how exactly the painter is supposed to get around that junk escapes me. Nor am I convinced Gerardo and his underlings have got what it takes to replace that stuff without having it leak from the git-go.

After Richard’s crew applied it, the thing lasted 10 years before it started to leak. Really, only one area leaked, which leads me to think the hail and probably a damned cat jumping on it caused the damage.

Some time during the day, I’ll go up to Home Depot and see if they can refer me to a contractor who knows how to install that stuff. Richard, I think, is no longer in business — he never answered my call. He fell off a roof a couple years ago and broke his back in a dozen places, so he’s presumably not in any shape to wrangle a work gang.

Meanwhile, naturally, I’ve got to drive way to hell in the opposite direction from the damn HD to get gasoline at Costco, hoping to reach the pumps before prices go through the proverbial roof. I’m afraid it’s probably too late, though.

So that mean’s I’ll be on the road for about an hour, dodging my fellow homicidal drivers. Ugh! I do hate driving in this city!

But meanwhile, finally some work came in from China — thank God! After that deluge in the first-quarter, it has been a long, dry summer.

Couple days ago my friends VickyC and KJG had a shopping get-together: drove out to the East Valley to visit Ikea, where VickyC needed to buy a small occasional table. And of course, we couldn’t miss wandering through the entire place ogling the loot. I picked up a box of candles (Ikea has THE best no-stinkum candles!) and impulse-bought an inexpensive pair of glass candle-holders.

We also went to REI, just down the road, where the camp stove offerings are far superior to the ones I’ve seen elsewhere. I may go over to the REI here in town to get one of those. It looks like they require a special propane canister, which will mean having to keep several of those on hand for emergencies. But…time to be prepared, IMHO.

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  1. I had well over half a tank but decided yesterday to fill it on up. Just in case the prices jump up.