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Lord, it’s hard to be humble…

Of course, we know one of us is perfect in every way, right?

Do you find it difficult to be patient with people whose foibles are really not significantly worse than your own? I have to keep reminding myself to be kind. Sometimes. Like, f’r example…

When the friend who likes his wine calls on the phone three sheets to the wind (again!) and drones on, on, and further on about nothing very much. Invariably he calls when I’m in the middle of something I’d like to get finished with now, not later. So his interrupting me while I’m struggling to get through some involved or laborious project does nothing to enhance my gracious personality. And then he bores me stupid with an endless monologue rehearsing all the uninteresting trivia of his day as though these were earthshaking matters of state. The entire one-sided conversation, which groans along until I tell him to get off the phone because I’m busy, concerns one subject and one subject alone: himself. The only responses that are expected or allowed are “uh huh,” hmmm,” “how wonderful,” and “isn’t that interesting?” Even those are hard to wedge in edgewise.

I hate listening to drunks on the phone. Even amiable drunks.

True, we should give thanks that at least he sleeps well at night. His perennially shit-faced cousin used to call at 2:00 in the morning and natter on in exactly the same way. On and on. And on.

Today when he called I managed to blurt out that a mutual friend has sold her house and is moving to his neck of the woods.

“Well, don’t give her my phone number!” said he.

“Don’t give her your phone number? Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to listen to her go on and on about hummingbirds. She’s the most boring person I’ve ever met!”


Then he proceeded to tell me, for the third time, about the glories of his startling discovery that you can put an egg in bread dough.

Yes. Did you know you can put an egg in bread dough? You can. You can put an egg in bread dough.


Truly. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

5 thoughts on “Lord, it’s hard to be humble…”

  1. You can’t make this stuff up — laughing out loud! Your comments are being a little screwy BTW, when I post a comment it is dumping me to the “can’t connect” page. Let’s see if this one goes through….

  2. @ Revanche: LOL! Ain’t it the truth. At least I’ve now trained myself to stop after one beer. Most of the time. Oh superior moi!

  3. I actually like that that saying is what makes me notice what I don’t like in myself. And a point of consideration for you: I don’t expect drunks would remember they were hung up on, right?

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