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March Madness, Round 2!

FMF reports that Funny’s post is up in Round 2 of the March Madness contest. Just came from there and…yipe! There are some REALLY  good posts!

Please go on over to the site and vote for your favorites. FMF asks that we vote only once in each round (duh!) for our choices. So if you voted for Funny in the last round, you can vote again in this one…but don’t “forget” your first vote in Round 2 and accidentally vote twice in the same round. 🙄

FMF will donate from $100 to $500 (depending on the final ranking) to each winner’s favorite charity. I’m hoping to snare five hundred buckolas for All Saints, where they actually expressed some concern and caring at the time I was canned. Self-centered motive: yes. Altruistic cause: even more yes. They support charities ranging from soup kitchens and old folks’ homes to Habitat for Humanity.