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Argha! I’d been told that Funny’s theme, Thesis, was mobile friendly. And it probably is, if it’s updated. But…it’s not. To update you  have to know how to back up your site, and that’s beyond my capability. At the moment the Google God’s mobile-friendly testing tool says FaM is going to get shafted on Tuesday. So…no, without updating (and very possibly with it) Thesis is not going to do the job.

Fortunately I had several of the Twenty-xxx themes in the dashboard. They’re all said to be mobile-friendly, but as it develops,  that’s not quite true. The only one that seems to fill Google’s annoying bill without disappearing key widgets like “Subscribe”  is this one, Twenty-Fourteen, which is uglier than pussley.

Whitespace, a theme I used to use and that would actually do the job, is non-mobile-friendly.

I do not have time to sit here and fiddle with this thing today. So for the nonce, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with the weird layout.

Three cheers for the European Union! Long may they sue Google‘s a$$.

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  1. Might be my jaded sensitivity, but I like this theme a lot better than Thesis. And yes, it’s mobile friendly, just checked on my iPhone.

    • Well, it’s probably my old age. As you get older, changes — even rather small ones — disturb you. “Annoy” may be the term…one tends to think “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Or worse, “What??? It broke in five years? These things used to last TWENTY years!!!”

      It’s kind of masculine-looking. And to my eye, all that black and green are kind of clunky. BUT…it does have two sterling qualities: it keeps the “subscribe” widget — which most other “mobile-friendly” themes disappear for you — and it has two sidebars.

      But I’m afraid a very narrow center column won’t be very reader-friendly for longer-form blogs like Funny. It’ll be like reading a strip of toilet paper.

      • Oh aye, it’s a manly theme. I’m no typography guru, but I like the font. Very elderly-vision-friendly.

  2. @ Vinny: Yeah, there’s something to that: it is easy to read. Chateau, while it’s not unreadable, is a lot finer. And there was some other theme I used for awhile, not sure which, whose type really did seem too small. Here the type is darker and it seems a tiny bit larger than Twenty-Twelve’s, though that could just be because of the font’s weight.

    It could grow on one. The problem may be more in my crankiness than the theme’s design.