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Moments of (Belated) Fame

I’ve been horribly remiss in failing to thank the hosts of the two carnivals where Funny appeared most recently! Got no excuse: just lazy, I’m afraid.

SimplyForties hosted a spectacular Carnival of Money Stories featuring wonderful photos and quotes from some of the women I most admire. This edition is pretty rich pickings, with many really excellent posts. I got a hoot out of Money Beagle’s stories of learning from the eight-month-old (at the rate I’m going, the kid’s probably in graduate school by now…). PT Money has a cool post on discovering online tutorials for various DIY tasks, wherein we learn that grrls can change faucets and fix toilets! And at Gather Little by Little, Mike contemplates the joys of making money online. Simply Forties kindly included Funny’s squib on big-picture thinking among this august company.

Across the Pond, Miss Thrifty hosted the 219th Festival of Frugality. Her theme also revolves around history: an extremely interesting reflection on rationing during and shortly after WW II in Britain. Fortunately, the posts aren’t rationed. Christian Personal Finance has some apposite tips on computer maintenance and repair. And speaking of maintenance and repair of the central appliances in our lives, check out what FIRE Finance learned about operating refrigerators. Peak Personal Finance recommends a strategy that I’ve heard before and think is a really good idea for people contemplating a plunge into real estate. Funny’s w00t about SDXB’s thrift store coup appears in this carnival.

In other news, Adam e-mails to report that Mrs. Accountability will be taking over as administrator of the Carnival of Money Stories. We certainly wouldn’t want her to get bored, so be sure to send your best money adventures to Blog Carnival’s handy submission site! Congratulations to Mrs. A and best wishes for a great run.


Daryl Samuel, Statue of Rip van Winkle in Irvington, N.Y., by Richard Masloski
GNU Free Documentation License, Wikipedia Commons

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