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Moments of Fame

Aryn hosts a vast Carnival of Personal Finance at Sound Money Matters this week, where Funny’s dialogue with the investment adviser appears. She offers an appealing autumn theme.

Most inspiring, Madison at My Dollar Plan describes how she escaped the workforce at the ripe old age of 29…hint: if you’re 16, it’s not too soon to get started. At Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Jim reports next year’s projected tax brackets, along with a few other interesting details. And at Gather Little by Little, GLBL explains how to sell a used car. This is quite an eclectic carnival—you need to visit it and check out the whole show.

The 144th Festival of Frugality appears at My Two Dollars, who has kindly included Funny’s squib on no-purchase days. This carnival, too, is truly huge and full of interesting and useful posts. My attention was grabbed by Cheap Healthy Good’s disquisition on Angus beef, since my long-dead Daddy, an escaped cowboy who used to aver that the best thing about being from Texas was being as far from Texas as you can get, deeply believed that black Angus cows produced better beef than any other bovine. Not that he liked cows, mind you, except to eat them. Speaking of food, Jim at Bargaineering is rightfully pleased with the produce from his deck & container garden…and yes, there is a difference between real and grocery-store tomatoes. Sound Money Matters titles a very nice rumination “How to Invite Windfalls into Your Life“—tho’ to my mind it’s more like creating opportunities and making the most of them. At Car-buying Tips to Save You Money, there’s an interesting article on used car pricing; it’s not the only piece on buying used cars to hit this festival—go to the site to find more.

Moolanomy has posted the thirty-first Money Hacks Carnival, which includes Funny’s realization that there’s no need to pour money on the entire yard if you only use two or three parts of it as outdoor living areas. Lots of good money how-to’s here, such as Steward’s post at My Family’s Money on making your child a millionaire (literally or figuratively, depends on you). And hey, big spender—if you can’t figure out how to spend your money, Money Blue Book will explain how to get rid of it with an American Express Black Centurion card. Budgets Are Sexy urges readers to keep receipts at least three months—preferably a year—and describes the lazy man’s way to do so. And so it goes.

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