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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Moments of Fame

Outstanding! Don’t miss Silicon Valley Blogger’s rendition of the Carnival of Personal Finance at The Digerati Life. It has some of the neatest—and strangest!—illustrations from a nineteenth-century children’s book. How times have changed!

SVB kindly included Funny’s squib about a couple of real estate speculators bidding up the price of a foreclosed house beyond the asking price (more about which in a later post). This carnival includes a lot of cool stuff. One that caught my attention, now that I’m staring the Panther of Penury in the eye, is the list of seven ways to use your computer to get free entertainment at And w00t! Here’s another list of apposite advice: Eleven Things to Do Immediately after you’ve been laid off, from the recently laid-off Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator. Lazy Man and Money takes stock, intriguingly, of his position on the route to his goal, early retirement, with some details about what he earns online that give me some hope that monetizing Funny might help with the layoff threat. In the investing department, Four Pillars has an entertaining and interesting article reflecting on the advantages of real estate over dividend investments. This carnival has more excellent and informative articles than you can count—be sure to visit ASAP.

The Carnival of Money Stories is up at the Carnival’s site, where another of Funny’s Tales from the Qwest Crypt appears. If you’ve been following the Financial Blogger’s story, you know the Bloggers have been contemplating a plan to start their own day-care center; well, they’ve decided to take the plunge, and the adventure is set to begin January 5. Five-Cent Nickel has an interesting story about having invested an emergency fund in long-term CDs—by choosing a CD with an early withdrawal penalty of only three months, he minimized the risk posed by the chance he and his wife would need the money unexpectedly.

The Festival of Frugality has gone live at Quest to Be Debt-Free, with a patriotic Veteran’s Day theme. Funny’s report on the meaning of the various “use-by” dates on food products appears here. With the nights chilling and not all of my proposed vegetable garden in, my attention was drawn by Geeky Poet’s post on cool-weather gardening at Walk a Greener Path; note several links to ways to create cold frames. Living the Frugal Life thinks about those small luxuries she’s held onto in her quest toward frugality. And if you also retain your million-dollar appetite on a ten-cent pocketbook, check out One Family’s Blog for a strategy to pursue downhill skiing on a budget.

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