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Moments of Fame

Green Panda Treehouse hosts this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, where Funny’s rumination on the “Slow Money” idea appears. I enjoyed Pimp Your Finances’s rant about the widespread allegation that responsible savers are trashing the economy. Living Almost Large questions the long-term effect on the economy of excessive and almost universal student loans. And there’s a good essay at the Personal Finance Playbook on price-to-rent ratios, something of interest to some of us who might not have planned on having to rent out a house.

Funny’s reminiscence about nearly buying a bed & breakfast appears in this week’s Carnival of Personal Development, hosted by Health Money Success. The round-up is getting quite large. I liked this: Jacob Duchaine gives us 10 steps for getting a girlfriend. Wonder if they’ll work to get a boyfriend, too? Beyond Bounds has a nice post on “living the jobless life.” I like it!

Feels Like Home hosts this week’s Make It from Scratch Carnival; my scheme to soften laundry with hair conditioner made the cut here. And whoa! Right at the top of this carnival is Praiseworthy Things’s guide to making almond milk. In my misspent youth, I used to make that. PT’s looks better: she uses better tools and she takes her time. As a bonus, she also tells how to use the leftover almond meal to make bird suet. Wifely Steps has an interesting and beautiful-looking recipe for sautéed bitter gourd, a Filipino dish. Uh oh…chocolate addicts had better avert their eyes: 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake from Lighter Side. You make it in a mug, cook it in the microwave, and from the photo, it looks highly edible. At Recession Depression Therapy, Neighbor Nancy offers some encouragement and the basics about canning. If you’re gardening a lot or you have fruit trees, canning is a great way to make the most of your excellent produce. I could cite every post in this carnival: it’s full of neat ideas and fun things to do. Be sure to visit!

Speaking of Make It from Scratch, Funny will host next week, so be sure to submit your best ideas at using this handy carnival form.

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