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More shoes…cheap!

Whoa! Frugal Scholar left a lead in a comment on yesterday’s shoe-buying adventure to the effect that you can buy Sanitas seconds (and seconds for many other prominent brands) at a site called

Well. Naturally I had to shoof that one out immediately.

This outfit IS kewl!!!! If you go to the “SALE!” page you can search by brand AND by size, so you can see whether they have anything that will fit you. Annndddd…what do we find here but the very $110 Sanitas the Shoe Mill was peddling for $120, marked down to $70. And OMG, some of them are actually in cute styles, rather than nurse’s clogs.

Drat!!! No Pikolinos, though. That’s the brand of the hand-made Spanish gems. Presumably if you’re making everything by hand, you don’t have seconds, eh?

Hm. No Naots or Mephistos, either.

But at least a zillion Birkies. If Dansko still fits your foot in its new incarnation, the site shows a bunch of those, too, including some attractive pump-like styles with soles that look sturdy enough to cushion your feet against the pavement. There are a lot of other brands, some of them Birkenoid or Danskoid, some of them of their own kind. They have men’s shoes, too.

And get this: You have as long as two months to try the things out!

{cackle!} I am going straight back to Shoe Mill to find out the brand name of that pair of heels I coveted. If these folks are carrying it, I’m gunna order it from them, straightaway. I may return the Sanitas and replace them with a pair from, too.

Thanks, Frugal!

6 thoughts on “More shoes…cheap!”

  1. LOL! Here in the Cretaceous, when someone tells you where to find cute shoes that don’t hurt at prices that don’t lead to bankruptcty, you trumpet it to the skies. How do the mammals in the 21st century do it?

  2. Check out the Norm Thompson site for Pikolinos on sale. I don’t know how I know all this stuff but I do.

    Thanks for the link. I’m new, so any mention means a lot to me.

    I’ve been reading you for a long time!

  3. Another good site for occasional deals (though not as spectacular) is It’s where Zappos quietly gets rid of stock that isn’t selling but without damaging their site’s brand with heavy discounting.

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