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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Multi-Tasking on Steroids

So, let’s see…as we scribble, Your Honored Blogger is engaged in

A chat with an Adobe Acrobat representative
A chat with a client
Managing ISBNs through Bowker
Riding herd on email
Managing back-end ditz on Funny
• Updating and riding herd on file full of password & secret code arcana
Writing this post

If I’m not mistaken, that’s SEVEN THINGS AT ONCE.

And really, I should be doing an eighth thing: signing into gmail on the iMac so I can upload 18 300-dps images to Google Drive for the ebooks dude.

I feel like the character in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook, the one who tried to record her life in four different notebooks and bring them all together in one golden notebook.

Lessing said the novel was really about fragmentation — both of the mental breakdown variety and the societal variety. And I must say…life feels a great deal like that.

Here’s what’s going on in some of the other “notebooks” today:

• At Writers Plain & Simple: Trying to get a grip on Twitter as a marketing tool.
• At Camptown Ladies Talk: Do You Love Me? Or Only My Picture: a rumination on a flap going on at LinkedIn.
• At Twitter: How do you  like this little discovery?

Red Gladioli on DarkThis is how the Tweeting Set manages to post more than 140 characters: create an image (background picture optional) and paste your message on that!

So easy: PowerPoint will let you do that in a matter of minutes.

What that allows you to pull off, then, is to post an excerpt from your magnum opus to Twitter!!!

Hot damn.

Now, frankly… So far I haven’t seen any steamy excerpts that move me to hurry right over to Amazon and download whatEVER. But miracles could happen. I guess.

Heh heh… The Camptown Ladies are starting to take on personalities of their own, sort of like fictional characters seem to do. (It’s an illusion, of course: a hallucination. But it entertains wannabe writers no end to imagine that their characters “come to life” on the page.) The Girls are reasonably well behaved (for the nonce). But we shouldn’t put anything past Aunt Tilly….

Well, we have another task to multi: Dogs are campaigning for dinner.

There being a limit to how many things one person can do at once, it’s time to sign off here. And so, away!

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  1. According to a colleague, one of our former students is making a living (of some kind–not sure of figures) in the e-XXX book biz on Amazon. I’ll try to get some numbers for you! So it IS possible.

  2. Egads! As usual, your days put me to shame, as I can hardly keep up with the written summary, much less imagine living it.

    Good discovery on the work-around for the character limit on Twitter – I had completely forgotten that that was useful!