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New Heights of Stupidity!

Oh god. I think I’m having an allergic reaction to stupidity. Did you see THIS news item? Four-year-old shoots Mom in the back as she’s tooling down the road in her vehicle with a horse trailer in tow.




The moron…sorry: the mom (I’m trying not to be judgmental…it ain’t easy)… The mom leaves a .45 pistol on the floor of the truck. (Oh, wait! Maybe it was her loving husband who did that. So we would still have a moron, but a different moron.) Then she evidently lets the kid bounce around loose inside the truck. If he were strapped into a seat belt, obviously, he wouldn’t have been able to reach the truck’s floor.

Well. It all turned out for the best, eh? The kid didn’t shoot himself in the head. What more could we hope for?

The gun-control vs gun-nut hysteria has already started. Again.

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2 thoughts on “New Heights of Stupidity!”

  1. There are sooooo many unanswered questions in this story, I don’t know where to begin! Talk about “responsible” gun ownership. She looks very young, hopefully she’ll smarten up as she gets older. If she lives long enough. SMH
    BTW, thanks for the Duck Duck and Drake photo. Looks like you have a really nice pool, too.

  2. There’s another photo of her, holding the kidlet: she’s just the prettiest thing! Beautiful face with naught behind it, I guess. Poor creature.

    Ducks come and go now: unclear whether they’ve decided to nest here or are just making the rounds of their favorite hangouts. We’ll find out sooner or later, no doubt!

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