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Ohhh Gawd! It’s too, TOO good…

The Deity has been amusing Him/Her/Itself with practical jokes today. Apparently it’s very, very funny to watch this particular wuthless human going nuts at every turn!

😀   The current gambit: clogged plumbing.

The kitchen sink will drain…eventually. But it’ll be a long event…. Looks like there’s a clog on the far side of the sink, on the way out of the house toward the sewer. The washer (in the garage!!) drains through that same line. So when the washer attempts to drain, water backs up into the (HUGE) garage sink. And backs up. And backs up. And backs up. And…  Water is seeping through juuuusst enough to keep the garage sink from overflowing. But it’s close.

Very close.

Mad plunging doesn’t do a whit of good.

So…we have the plumber coming over at tomorrow’s crack of dawn. Ohhhhh goodie! Something else to spend money on!

LOL! This has been one of those days…and I haven’t managed to get out of the house. No kidding: the poor li’l pooch hasn’t had her morning doggy-walk, so preoccupied have I been with one bullsh!t attack after another bullsh!t attack after the next bullsh!t attack.

So much crapola is lurking to attend to that I haven’t even washed the dishes.

Well. That would be because I can’t wash the dishes without taking them out of the washer and sudsing them up in the sink and rinsing them by hand and draining them in the dish drainer.

And y’know what?


I don’t wanna.

Meanwhile, I’ve GOT to do the laundry…uhm…nope: ain’t happening, unless I take it outside and pound it on the rocks.

I’ve GOT to run down to AJ’s and pick up a bunch of stuff.

Will that one entail another fender bender with another entitled bastard flying up the parking-lot aisle like the thought he was on the I-17?

Waddaya bet?

Weather, at least, is relatively cool: only 86. Smog is so thick it looks like overcast. But it’s not. Wunderground advises that we have 0% chance of rain today. Nice… /eyeroll/


Well, that was quite the whine-fest, eh? 😀

It’s now a couple days later, and here’s where we’re at:

The plumbing will have to be completely reamed out, to the tune of about three thousand dollars.

Needless to say, I’m seeking a second opinion just now.

The DIY repair job on the car’s fender, where one of my fellow AJ’s parking-lot residents bashed me, went well. There’s a small slit in the plastic, but otherwise the new paint covers all the rest of the damage and matches original perfectly. I could probably fill the slit, but since it’s not gonna rust and it’s almost unnoticeable…prob’ly not.

The plumber was able to get the system working well enough that I can probably do the laundry.

The homeowner’s insurance may (or may not) cover the plumbing cost.

Meanwhile, in other precincts: Tony the Romanian Landlord seems to have moved the tribe of delinquents out of the house across the street. One of the neighbors said other neighbors had complained repeatedly to the police about the li’l darlin’s throwing trash into swimming pools and other such antics. Tony having already met my killer lawyer, he seems to have restrained them from those frolics where my house is concerned.

But…we shall see what new mischief he gets up to.

Went back to choir the other day. But fear that isn’t gonna work: the new choir director has very sophisticated taste in music, and his choices are way, WAY over my head. I’ve never had any formal music training…so I guess that’s an activity I won’t be doing anymore. {sigh}


Strolling w/ Ruby this ayem. Ran into a couple of other neighbors. The say Tony seems to have moved his present Delinquent Care Enterprise out of the house across the street, and that the place is now vacant. They also say the neighbors were complaining about the li’l darlin’s throwing food and other debris into their pools.

Hm. Knowing that pool vandalism is one of Tony’s MO’s, I hafta wonder if it’s the brats who are doing that. Complain about him, and you get garbage and motor oil in your pool.

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  1. Wow! That’s quite a plumbing bill for stopped up pipes. You should probably get two more estimates.
    And HO insurance might cover it? Sometimes if they do cover it, they can give you a name of a recommended business.

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