Coffee heat rising

One of those damnfool days…all the way around

LOL! Have you ever noticed that some days, no matter WHAT it is you need to do, you can’t get there from here? 😀 Whatever it is, it has to be done the hard way.

This (o’course, by damn!)  is never your fault. It’s always…

  • The nitwit in front of you who apparently never took driving lessons…or if he did, he’s forgotten every smidgeon of whatever little he learned.
  • Inanimate objects of all kinds that decide to break, crap out, or blow up…all on the same day.
  • Laziness come back to bite you.
  • Bureaucracy run amok.
  • God’s twisted sense of humor…

You do have to allow that She seems to find some very strange things hopelessly funny…

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong…

Oh well. I got back in the house by 2 p.m., when Gerardo had threatened to show up. Acquired a package of very acceptable sushi at AJ’s, and, more to the point, a six-pack of Kiltlifter, of which I am about to finish off the first third…

There is nothing like a beer!
Nothing in this world…

The watering system, I will lay money on it (and indeed am about to do so, big-time), has got something wrong with it. The hateful City gouged me $275 for water, and nothing much was going on last month. This suggests that somewhere in this (rather flimsy) irrigation system that Richard installed many a year ago (and that Gerardo reviles), something is leaking.

I can’t find a leak. So have asked Gerardo to come over and see what he can figure out.

Yes. Gerardo profoundly disapproves of Richard’s excuse for workmanship. But on the other hand, I’ve been in this house for a good 15 years. Really…how long CAN you expect cheap plastic pipes to last?

Something is busted. I do not know how we are going to find that something. But the bank account is flush and I’m silently thinking that if Gerardo can’t find whatever TF is wrong with the thing, I will stand back and let him install a new system. Beeeee-caauuse…between you and me and the lamp-post, I suspect Gerardo can do about a 110% better job than Richard did at the height of his landscaping-dude powers. Richard was a smart dude and a good man…but Gerardo outdoes Richard in those categories and probably in every other category except skill at playing mariachi music.

The only way I can MAKE myself work in 115-degree heat is to generate endless to-do lists. These work well enough to beat you into line…assuming you condescend to read the lists.

About half the state, speaking of 115-degree heat, is burning up. Stand in my back yard and face any direction you please. Every way but (maybe) due south, flames are rising and residents are fleeing.

Meanwhile, the locals’ brains also seem to be burning up… WHERE do these people come from???

Whereas lunacy seems to me to be a forgiveable thing (a person can’t help being crazy…can they?), raving stupidity…well, not so much. Understand: it is NOT an exaggeration to say temps are upwards of 115 degrees here, and we have this sorta antic: A flatland tourister takes it into her head to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 120-degree heat. Not surprisingly, she never has an opportunity to hike out…

Holy sh!t. Do you have a clue how LONG the trails into the Canyon are, how steep they are, and how hot as Hell it is down there at this time of year? The South Kaibab Trail, which is the bunny trail starting a the resort on the South Rim, descends 4,860 feet over 6.3 miles…meaning it also ascends 4,860 feet, if you have any designs on getting out of the place. What in the name of God possesses people?

Try to imagine what 120 degrees must feel like.

Forest fire image: The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest, California. U.S. Forest Service photo.