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UH-oh! What have we here?

“Akismet has protected your site from 21,974 spam comments…”

It has? How d’you suppose it did that when it was supposed to be turned off?

Turns out it wasn’t off. Last time I updated WordPress, I did a bulk disable of all Funny’s plug-ins, and then blithely bulk re-enabled them. Akismet has been sitting there for the past year or so, dormant after it blithely throttled the site on BlueHost. I never deleted it, because I prefer Akismet to the WP-Spamfree that substituted for it. Secretly I hoped that maybe one day it would rise again.

Well, apparently it has risen and apparently it’s no longer throttling FaM, since the site has been running with no hassles ever since the last WP update.

Not only has Akismet risen from the dead, it’s been going after FaM’s commenters like Dracula on meth! A whole bunch of regular readers who commented on the New Year’s Resolution site were marked as spammers, among them Echo of Boomer & Echo, Betty Kinkaid at Control Your Cash, Money Beagle, Joe Plemon, Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff, Khaleef at KNS Financial, Barbara Friedburg, Evan at My Journey to Millions, Kay Lynn at Bucksome Boomer, FB at Fabulously Broke in the City, Robert at The College Investor, Kari Shaffer, Tara Schultz, Longview Bound, and Juggling Mama.

Quite the shifty crew, aren’t they?

Well, you’ve all been despammed, approved, and sprung from the spam holding tank. My apologies for not having responded to everyone—and many thanks for dropping by and commenting!

Please come back soon!

8 thoughts on “Ooops!”

  1. Akismet hates me! I’ve even emailed them about this, but they claim that they don’t maintain a blacklist, and said that each individual blog is to blame. I know that isn’t true since they have taken previously approved commenters and labeled them as spam!

    Anyway, thanks for rescuing me!

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