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Open Office Users?

Is anyone using Open Office’s word processing program?

In these precincts, I’m so fed up with Word for Mac. It bogs down the iMac’s system so massively that sometimes it will hang the entire system for several minutes, while it plods through loading or whatever it’s trying to do. Keyboard commands are different from the PC version’s, and if you try to write macros to replicate the commands you’ve internalized, you risk overwriting Apple system commands. Word’s given to sudden crashes that lose or threaten to lose all one’s data, rather tedious. And I hate, hate, HATE the new version of Word with its inscrutable “ribbons” that hide keyboard commands and make it difficult to locate the routine operations.

If you use Open Office, what are its demands on your system? Does it tend to hang your computer? Can you multitask with it, or does it slow down your system so that you’re better off closing everything but the word processor?

And—BIG!—how does the track changes function work? Can your reader see changes you’ve inserted? Can you insert comments?

And finally, can an Open Office document be viewed in Word? If so, do the tracked changes and comments come across?

In short, is it worth the effort to learn a new system?

Lemme know what your experience has been in the comments, pls. 🙂

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  1. DH uses it. It does not play well with other systems.

    It can be viewed by other systems but things can get all out of whack transferring from one to another. Basic formatting things. If you’re going to be talking a lot with Word users, I would not make the switch.

    It is fast, it is relatively easy to use. But the lack of compatibility is a PITA. And don’t even think of trying to use open office’s version of powerpoint with MS powerpoint… The horror. The horror.

  2. I used to use OpenOffice on my Mac but it turned out to not play so nicely with other applications. I also found it a bit cumbersome when I wanted to go beyond the basics. So, I am back to MS Word.

  3. I have open office on my Linux PC and I’m pleased with the way it works and yes I can move MS Office documents including MS Access.

    Have not tried the one for windows as the Office 97 copy I got when I was an MCSE still works.