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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Open the Window and Let the Damn Sunshine In!

Okay. I admit it: my mood has become altogether too goddamn glum. But…helle’s belles. Why not? We have a clown in the White House. California is burning down (and believe me: whither goes California, thither goes Arizona. Every time!). The ice caps are melting. Common sense has gone the way of the dinosaur…which, speaking of thither, is the general direction we can expect our near descendants to go. Hate has become stylish. Our educational system is in the trash heap. Decent jobs are to be had only in China, for those willing to work for prison inmates’ wages. Our idiot leadership and their bigoted fans imagine this will be fixed by blocking cleaning ladies, yard workers, and agricultural laborers from entering the country. You can’t buy a decent cup of coffee for love nor money. And my dog is dying.


Somehow I’ve got to find a way to come out of the present blue funk.

This challenge usually involves spending more time around people. Though I must admit, people are not my métier. SDXB and NG wanted me to go with to the Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival, which I really would have enjoyed doing. But some other demand superseded…I believe it was that I had to take the dog to the vet. Again.

Nor, really, could one responsibly have left the poor little beast alone in the house all day.

If I were sane, I’d get off my duff and go for a hike in the mountain park. Except…well…the Phoenix Mountain Parks are no longer what you’d call a joy to visit. They’re SO thumped by the sheer volume of humanity tromping through them that you’d probably do better to go for a walk in a parking lot. Plus with everybody and her little sister yapping on cell phones everywhere you go, the endlessly annoying background chatter has become downright aversive.

Alternatively, I suppose one could accomplish something constructive. That’s always cheering. I could…

Get the chipped paint on the entry to the living room matched, buy a can of it, and touch up the dinged wall.
Do the laundry. Wheee!
Post this week’s The Complete Writer chapter and update the TofC for that thing
Retrieve the book proposal I left to languish out of brain-banging laziness, find a new potential publisher, write a new cover letter, and send it off.
Go to the nursery or the Depot and buy some winter flowers to replace the summer blossoms that have croaked over.
Or better yet, since  I now can’t afford to buy so much as a loaf of bread, beg borrow or steal some flower seeds.
Figure out how I’m going to get enough coffee to last the rest of the month. Gets more and more cheering, doesn’t it?
Prune the roses. A thrill a minute!
Lock up Cassie and take Ruby for a very long walk.
Bake some bread in the grill.
Feed a few of the local homeless drug addicts.

Precious few of these are free… I do have some flour in the freezer, I think, so I could make bread. And a mess to clean up… Posting bits of various magnum opi is free, except of course for the web hosting charges. Mailing off book proposals: free, thanks to email…well, except for the associated connection charges, which, we might add, cost one helluva lot more than a couple of postage stamps, even at today’s inflated rates.

Hm. Precious few seem especially cheering.

Think I’ll go sit in the hall closet with the vacuum cleaner and close the door behind us…

My little pal…


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