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Paint Job…

…in progress…

The longest wall, the one that goes up the hallway and continues to form the north wall of the dining room, is about 45 feet long. The other one, about 30 feet. The hallway has SEVEN doorways with white trim, not counting the archway into the living room, which also has paint that contrasts with the new gray paint.

For some hours I played with the possibility of junking the gray and instead using the old Alexander Julian “Sawgrass” green — we call that “Swamp Green” — which is actually a soothing and pretty color, much admired by guests who see it in the living room. But then I realized the gray test swatch painted on the dining room wall looked kinda muddy because the underlying orange was showing through.

Yes. Orange.

When I moved in, we painted the entire place with a coordinated set of Alexander Julian colors — Alexander Julian seems to have gone out of the paint color business, which tells you something about how long the paint has been on the walls. One of the colors in the set my friend and I selected was a saccharine tangerine orange. I painted a couple of accent walls that color — one in my office, and I think maybe the bathroom…can’t recall anymore. Hated it, though I loved all the other colors. Finally got rid of the tangerine by painting  one office  wall Julian’s “Silver” gray and the other three the very ingratiating ivory white that was part of the collection, and then painting the bathroom a kind of soft violet shade.

But then La Maya put a sort of red/orange on an accent wall in her house. I thought that was too, too kewl and had to have an orange wall, but red she chose was a little harsh against the smokey Alexander Julian colors. After much experimentation I did find an orange color that I liked a lot and continued to like right up to today.

However. If I have to move, I can’t put the house on the market with orange walls running up the hallway and into the dining room. It’s just too, too idiosyncratic. And if I do decide to move, it’ll probably be on fairly short notice. It’ll depend on how much crime follows on the dumping of homeless drug addicts into our neighborhood and on the construction of the several low-income developments that the city is shoehorning into the area. I don’t want to move, but must face the fact that  I’m getting too old to handle another large, high-drive protection dog…and other facts, such as that I really don’t feel safe taking the garbage out into the alley anymore and that almost no one here feels safe walking a dog at night. At least, not a dog that doesn’t come even halfway up to your knee…

Weirdly, all the other colors in that line of Alexander Julian colors are still the height of fashion: you see all of them, in exactly the kind of combination I’ve used, in all sorts of fancy and not-so-fancy home fashion magazines.

The young people favor shades of gray. Everything is gray, gray, and more permutations of gray. And I do like the gray in the bedroom: it’s very soothing.

And boring.

Speaking of gettin’ too old, I am gettin’ too old for house painting!

Cut in all the 87 gerjillion corners, door frames, endless baseboards this morning — last night I touched up said baseboards and door frames with the white semigloss trim paint. The cutting-in chore was a PITA but didn’t take as long as I expected…though I was mightily annoyed that I couldn’t find the cool new paintbrush I bought the other day at HD.

Have you ever noticed that the tireder you get, the more likely you are to glop paint around you? Ugh!

Anyway, pushing onward, I managed to fill in the walls with primer by about 3:30.

Yesterday all the cutting-in caused me to lose a pound and a half overnight.

By tomorrow morning I should be down another five pounds…

Why? Because endlessly annoying Facebook will not pick up the image you want to illustrate your post. It wants to pick up the banner image, which, if it’s generically the same day after day, quickly bores readers or makes them think today’s post is a repeat of yesterday’s. So the only way to force FB to use an image that has anything to do with your post is to change the banner image to fit the subject of the day. That means today’s banner image (a historic photo of four Nazis, for example) bears no relation whatsoever to the topic of yesterday’s post (ruminations on power outages, for example). So annoying.

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  1. When I was looking at houses, the vast majority of them were painted inoffensive whites, creams, eggshells, beiges etc. And I looked *past* that because I can change wall colours.

    Then I looked at “the blue house”. The outside was blue, but that’s, not why I called it the blue house.

    You walked in the front door – the tile front entry, was blue tile, the entry continued into the kitchen – blue tile on the floor, and backsplash.

    The kitchen walls, dining room walls, and living room walls were the all the same blue. The carpet in the living room, dining room was a dark blue. The *ceiling* of the dining room/living room was blue.

    The fireplace had a tile hearth – same blue tiles as the entry and kitchen.

    There was a half bath – you guessed it, blue tile floor, blue walls, blue ceiling.

    The blue carpet continued up the stairs, but the wall colour was cream, so I thought I was safe – until I walked into the bedroom, which was …PEACH.

    Walls, ceiling, and carpet – I felt like I was inside a pulsing, dripping peach!

    That house didn’t work out – not because of the colours – but it would have been a complete revamp – I couldn’t have lived in the underwater fishbowl that was that livingroom 🙂

    The house I did end up buying, has a butter yellow living room on 3 walls, with one focal wall in fire engine red. The hallway/staircase focal wall is a soothing green colour. Dining room/kitchen and staircase/upstairs hallway is white/eggshell.
    Master bedroom is the butter yellow again, office is a sunny yellow, and the other front room is a mint green – including ceilings.

    Of all of the rooms, the only one I wouldn’t have chosen, is the mint green – but I haven’t figured out what I want instead, so 7 years in and it’s …still mint green 🙂

    Post pictures when you’re done!

    • The Blue Haven…egads! Upstairs: the fruit tree in the Garden of Eden was a peach! Heeeeee!!!!!

      Painting over that blue is a bitch of a job. One wall — only one, thank god — of last house DX and I moved into was painted a deep royal blue. It took three coats to finally cover that thing with white.

      And as a matter of fact, covering the orange here is a real challenge, too…almost as bad as the blue stuff. I’m mighty glad the woman at Dunn-Edwards recommended — strongly — applying a primer over it. Yesterday I applied almost the entire gallon of primer to the wall and even that has not completely hidden the orange. I think the flat coat will, though — and having laid down the primer should make applying the final coat a little easier.

      Yellow is a pretty color, especially if you like country or French provincial decor. My mother’s kitchen in Arabia was bright gloss yellow. I loved it.

      They say neutral colors make a house easier to sell. If things here get to the point where I have to sell, or if a good opportunity to get into something comparable in a better neighborhood should arise, I will want this house to sell quickly. No matter what the circumstances, though, no one wants to be stuck with trying to unload a place for weeks or months.