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Pool Dudes, Yard Dudes, Irrigation Dudes…Great Guys

Y’day I was bellyaching here about the calcium build-up on the pool’s tilework. Figured to have to call Swimming Pool Service & Repair, an outfit whose service prices hover in the outer regions of the stratosphere. Long about evening, I jump in the drink to cool off. Paddle around. And discover…Lo!

Pool Dude, having visited Monday morning. has somehow removed ALL that stuck-on calcium!!!

How, I cannot imagine. For me to remove it, I have to take a paint scraper to it. He sure didn’t do that. Must be some kind of chemical that melts it off. Acid?

Didn’t test the water, ’cause I didn’t want to be scared off from swimming. It’s hotter than the Hubs here, and humid clouds are building up.

Meanwile, Irrigation Dude has fixed the busted sprinkler head, the one that was dousing the front window with Niagara Falls. The system is now working normally. Bless’im!

The Yard Dudes have, incredibly, kept the alley’s weed growth under control behind the backyard wall. Directly across the alley, the weeds are up to your fanny along the Kids’ wall. What a mess! And, might add, what a fine fire hazard.

Ugh. This damn covid really takes it out of you!

It’s only 8:30 in the morning, and I am gonna hafta go back to sleep. True: Ruby and I were up at 5;30. Slammed out the daily walk not only before the heat came up but before most of the morning commuters were up. I suppose that’s not bad for a human that’s halfway to Death’s Door. But the upshot is, I’m so tired I can barely function.

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  1. I had what I’m convinced was Covid back in December 2020. It felt like a sinus infection, at first, so I just pushed through it. But then it wasn’t quite like a sinus infection, so if it wasn’t Covid, I don’t know what it was. The worst part of it was the aftermath – at least three months of fatigue.
    Take naps if you need them. Give yourself time to recover.
    Also, I’m glad all the Dudes are doing their jobs the way they’re supposed to. ;o)

  2. It feels enough like a standard (not very mild) respiratory infection that you’re inclined to soldier on, figuring that sooner or later (surely!??) it’ll go away. Google “how long has covid been in North America” and up comes this bit of intelligence:

    “The first cases of the COVID-19 pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 in North America were reported in the United States on 23 January 2020.”

    Uh HUH! So it sounds like you weren’t even an especially early adapter!

    And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this thing takes a good three months to get over fully.

    Actually, whaddaya bet this is why it’s spreading so widely: most people CAN’T take three months off Real Life to recover from what they probably think is a heavy cold or flu. You have to go to work. You have to go to the store. You have to take your kids to school (the better to spread a few madly replicating germs…). And apparently, every time you go out in public, you’re sharing the bounty!

    < Stumbling on through that Wikipedia article:>

    “On 26 March 2020, the United States became the country in North America with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, at over 82,000 cases.[3] On 11 April 2020, the United States became the country in North America with the highest official death toll for COVID-19, at over 20,000 deaths.[4] As of 10 April 2022, there are about 97 million cases and about 1.4 million deaths in North America; about 88.9 million have recovered from COVID-19, meaning that nearly 11 out of 12 cases have recovered or that the recovery rate is nearly 92%.[5]”

    Holeee shit! Even though over 90% of patients recover, nevertheless MORE THAN TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE had died by the end of first-quarter 2022.


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