Funny about Money

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Retirement: Not for the faint of heart

Nor, one might add, for the young.

O…M…G….  I can not believe I worked on course prep until midnight, bolted down a few bites of nondinner, fed the dog, wrung the dog out, and then read copy until 1-flicking-30 in the morning. Back at it by 5:30 ayem.

Just finished plowing through the paid detective novel, absorbed a Guinness with some cheddar, a handful of baby romaine, and a pile of olives niçoises, and now am about to go to bed. How many hours of the past 24 have I been working? It’s 2:19…hmmm… about 20.

ohhhhhhhhh….. 😯

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  1. The food sounds good. Go for a walk (or is it too hot?).

  2. So are you saying that you are working harder in retirement than ever? Not looking forward to retiring if that is the case.

  3. @ cashflowmantra: Yup. More work. Less pay. Lots less pay.

    @ frugalscholar: Not bad outdoors today. It’s only 82 indoors, but because it’s a bit overcast it feels a little stuffy. Just turned on the AC and am trying on the kewl shirred-top tube dress I picked up at Whole Foods. Sooo…uhm…natural.

  4. Guinness is my favorite beer! If I ever make it to AZ first one (or 4) are on me!

  5. I’m in my sixties and I couldn’t stay awake that long.

  6. Hey, at least you CAN work! You are lucky to have so much to do, even though it doesn’t pay as well as you would like.

  7. At this pace your mind will stay sharp forever.