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Sartorial Elegance: Thrift store edition

Check out SDXB’s new threads, acquired earlier this week at a thrift store in Sun City:

Whether New Girlfriend’s costume came from the same source, I have no idea. But (LOL!) doubt it.

Says he:

Bought the tux for $15 at the Lutheran Thrift Store in Sun City. Bow tie, $23. Tux shirt [at the Luke AFB clothing store], $29. There were 2 other tuxes on the thrift store rack. This one is traditional cut and fits me as if it were tailored. I suspect that the tux and other fine clothing arrived at SC thrift stores following deaths. Sun City is, after all, God’s waiting room.

9 thoughts on “Sartorial Elegance: Thrift store edition”

  1. Wow! Are you sure you don’t want him back? I wrote about getting my son a couple of tuxes for his prom (plus he lent one to a friend). It took me a long time to get all the accoutrements, but I did it.

  2. He is cute, isn’t he? Actually, he’s in exceptionally good condition for a dinosaur from the Lower Paleozoic. He exercises constantly and eats well, and so he’s kept himself in much better shape than most men his age.

    LOL! I’m afraid he’s not the marrying kind, though. He’s been free for a very long time, because he’s worked hard to maintain his freedom.

  3. Reading your above comment ……….you are so funny. He is a cutie pie and she is lovely as well. I hope she realizes “but I will change him” doesn’t happen very often.

    I love a good thrift shop!!

  4. Wow…thrift shop score! The tux I mean. SDBX is Mr. Handsome now isn’t he? Really good looking. But don’t tell him that this strange old lesbian is cruising him online — might go to his head. Great shots!

  5. LOL, handy to have a fella who is honest about what kind he belongs to. I’ve a similar older friend, former colleague I suppose, who thinks he’s the marrying kind. Keeps himself in great shape and all, but has gone through four wives and well on to the fifth. I often wonder what it’ll take for him to realize that he’s actually not so good at the marriage gig.

  6. @ Revanche: something to that. Trouble is, while the woman is smitten with him, she doesn’t pick up on his signals. It usually takes her a year or two to figure it out. 😉

  7. I read your emails first before all others, (especially ones from family) for very good reason. I always appreciate a laugh out loud story or a sob story I can commiserate with. You write with such panache that my day is instantly better. My husband is a very “jeans” guy and I always told him if he makes me miserable I was going to bury him in a tux. He’s treated me very well ever since! I love this story so much just for that reason and now I know where I can pick up a good tux if I need to-in God’s waiting room, no less! Thank you once again. I love all your stories

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