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Saturday Pick-ups

Half an hour before I have to leave for choir, so this will be short. Videlicet: go here, read these!

At Planting Our Pennies, Mr. & Mrs. PoP ponder a major plant question.

Evan at My Journey to Millions reports on a California law concerning liability for interference in an expected inheritance, very interesting, indeed.

Ever take your car to one of those oil-change places only to have them try to upsell you to a bunch of other (unnecessary!) services? Over at Blue Collar Workman, TB explains how to get your car’s oil changed without  getting ripped off.

I suppose you imagine PF bloggers have no sense of humor, eh? Well, check out eemusing’s new “Open Letters” post over at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander. 😀 She promises to make this a series. We can only hope!

And there’s gentle humor in Money Beagle’s post on a new vision of NFL football.

101 Centavos contemplates the possibilities in second-guessing (or even first-guessing) the investment opportunities presented by the gun-owning public’s uncertainty about the future. Interesting pair of posts, of which this is part 2.

Revanche, a particularly evolved type of working stiff, reflects on the sociopsycho-ecology of working space in an entertaining rant at A Gai Shan Life.

The eternally peripatetic Donna Freedman is at FinCon, as is the lively Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Mrs. Accountability drives her employer’s van home. Protecting her from herself, it kindly locks her out and creates a spectacular new annoyance.

I must fly! Have a grand Saturday!!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Pick-ups”

  1. Glad you liked the post! Hope you had fun at Choir. Have you shared with them your soon to be new found freedom? Do they know about this site?

  2. @ Mrs. PoP & Evan: Thanks. Choir is so wonderful! It was awesome this weekend.

    Yeah, I expect they do know. Until FB’s latest annoying “improvements,” a feed posted FaM’s daily maunderings on my Facebook site, which I established only because choir members wanted to use it for out-of-class socializing. FB made that feed go away, without my permission, but for months each day’s post went online at FB, so a number of choir members must have noticed it.

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