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Security Doors…Probably Not

i kid you not...

So I trot over to Home Depot last weekend, there to peruse that august box’s limited selection of security doors. As expected, every single one of them looks like prison bars, except for the pressed-metal kitsch with the cut-out silhouettes of hummingbirds, coyotes, and sombreroed campesinos snoozing against saguaros. Good god.

Moving on, this afternoon it was over to Lowe’s on the way home from the credit union. The nearest Lowe’s is out by the West campus, where the nearest branch of the credit union resides, placing both of these institutions in a locale that cannot be called, with a straight face, “near.”

Situation at Lowe’s: even more ridiculous. The only door they had that didn’t look like prison bars with a slot through which the guard passes your plate of slop is a Titan: twelve hundred bucks!

Give me a proverbial BREAK!

At least the cheaper doors at the Depot come with insect screen. You can’t get that with the low-end models at Lowe’s. The hideous metal mesh, which lets mosquitoes in, is sorta OK in front, because the random door-to-door nuisance can’t see you through it and so can’t easily tell you’re alone. But in back, where one would like to gaze out upon one’s expensively appointed landscaping, steel mesh is just not gonna make it.

Sooo… It looks like it’s prison bars with insect screen and a double-cylinder deadbolt or nothing. Just now  I’m leaning toward a .38 special.

Ohhhh well. While at Lowe’s, I did pick up a replacement for the impossible motion-sensitive spotlight in back, the one to which you have to take a screwdriver powered by male muscle to change the light bulb. When you get it  open, you find it takes an exotic size and shape bulb that requires a special trip to HD or the electric supplier to track it down. Really. I wish to be able to change my light bulbs all by my pretty little self, thank you!

Also got a rather nice, not very pricey motion-sensitive coach light, which will go on the back porch. The little cheapie I installed when I moved in is looking pretty ragged already—it really was junk of the best you-get-what-you-pay-for variety. This looks sturdier, and I’ve come to really love the motion-sensitive coach lights I installed last year in front. They’re reasonably attractive, and what a luxury, to have them pop on when you walk up to them!

I tend to wander off and leave that back porch light on. Then when I go out there by daylight, I’m peeved to see it was burning all night and half the morning. This thing will come on when Cassie goes out to pee during the pre-dawn hours but not burn kilowatts when it’s forgotten.

One sterling quality of the motion-sensitive light is that it clues you if someone’s outside in the yard. Or…if a moth flew by or the wind is blowing…

New sliding or French doors to replace the three rather sketchy sliders (like…maybe one that has an actual latch on it?) also appear to be prohibitively expensive.

Really, though: unclear whether functional doors are really necessary. After all, the door squealer and the stick in the slider’s track worked: the guy ran off without getting inside. The whole point was to alert me if someone tried to get in the house while I was here, and that was exactly what happened. Probably newer doors wouldn’t be a whole lot more secure than what I’ve got. They might save a few pennies on power, but how many years will it take to recover the costs from the power bills?

6 thoughts on “Security Doors…Probably Not”

  1. Funny, do you have a Habitat for Humanity RESTORE near you? I know the variety differs depending on the location, but you might give them a try.

  2. I live in Phoenix and there is a great store here called Stardust Building supply. All the proceeds go to charity and basically they take donations of home improvement type items from people doing remodels and builders who are demolishing or renovating properties. It is hit or miss as to whether they have what you want when you want it but it is worth a shot. 4240 W Camelback.

    Also, we do have a Habitat for Humanity store here in town which I want to support because I love Habitat but when I visited there last, I thought their prices were ridiculously high for used goods in sometimes not the best condition. Maybe that has changed but I always recommend Stardust as a first option.

  3. @ Jill, Karen, & Cat: I’ll try both these outfits. I imagine their offerings change week by week, since the store would depend on donations to replenish their supplies.

    Dunno if this is so, but once a guy told me that in Maricopa County if you take a house down to one wall and then rebuild around it, the project is called a “renovation,” not a new build, and so you don’ t have to abide by the newer setback rules. And that you can donate almost everything that’s usable from the take-down for a large deduction. That’s why these outfits thrived during the frantic boom, when everyone was wildly renovating old houses in desirable neighborhoods. Supposedly a person can hugely cut the cost of renovating or rebuilding a house by donating and taking tax deductions.

  4. @Funny, yes pretty much if you leave something from an original structure then it’s not considered new construction and not just in Maricopa county.

    And you could try craigslist or freecycle, too. Good luck!

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