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Seven technological wonders I wish we had

Why hasn’t anyone invented . . .

  • a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t make your ears ring?
  • clock/timers for microwaves and stoves that run on batteries instead of sucking household electricity?
  • a computer operating system that runs forever and never demands to be updated?
  • a freestanding, energy-efficient room air conditioner (not a swamp cooler) that doesn’t have to be mounted in a window or punched through a wall?
  • good-tasting mass-produced prepared meals with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or other weird ingredients? And that are not oversalted and oversugared.
  • an inexpensive hose timer that works when the water is turned to a slow dribble?
  • computer programs that work without passwords?

2 thoughts on “Seven technological wonders I wish we had”

  1. Your ideas are quite weird, but I love them because they make me smile.

    I have also been wondering if someone could invent a solar flashlight. A flashlight that we can use only if we put it near a light….lol!

  2. #4: To make cold air, the air conditioner has to make something else hotter (either air or some cold liquid). So, you either need to mount the air conditioner in such a way that the hot air doesn’t bother you, or you need to hook it up to pipes to circulate the liquid. Just considering air conditioners that produce hot air, I guess it would be possible to make a unit that had a hose from the back so that you could direct it to the outside. But the hose mechanism might restrict the flow of the air that needs to contact the unit to cool it (the air that becomes hot). Also, the hose would be radiating heat into the room.

    #5: Because they wouldn’t last or freeze well. Also, a lot of people like the color, sugar, and salt.

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