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Simplifying My Financial Life: THANK YOU Costco!

So word comes down that Honored Purveyor of All Possible Lifetime Supplies — i.e., Costco — will sever its relations with American Express and make all its customers use CitiBank Mastercard, if they are to charge things. That means the beloved Costco AMEX card, yea verily the Card of the Gigantic Annual Kickback, is going away.

Well, I have this to say about that:

If Citibank were the last financial institution on the planet, I would be doing business with a tin can buried
in the back yard.

Helle’s Belles, I think. Both my business and my personal charge cards are Costco AMEX cards. A ton of things are auto-billed to these cards. Now I need to make a switch.

So I call AMEX and get started on the process of opening a new no-annual-fee card, so that I can shift my monthly charges over in a timely way (i.e., now, while months remain to untangle the inevitable snafus). Kay, the friendly and truly helpful CSR who answers the phone, explains that I have to talk with someone in a different department to establish a new no-annual-fee bidness card for The Copyeditor’s Desk. So we proceed with the involved process of opening the personal charge.

While we’re jumping through these hoops, it dawns on me that really, the business AMEX card only has one or two permanent recurring charges set up on it. And otherwise, it’s a cold day in an Arizona July that I charge anything on that card: the occasional lunch or meeting over coffee with a client or subcontractor; the monthly AT&T wireless fee for the iPad…and…and what on earth ELSE?

Bloody little, that’s what else. Now and again I’ll charge up a vast quantity of paper or some pens or a computer gew-gaw, but not often. So…..sooooo….WHY do I have a separate AMEX card to have to reconcile and pay every month? Why can’t CEDesk pay its charges on the new “personal” AMEX card whenever they’re rung up?

Haven’t run this past WonderAccountant yet…but I do fail to see why I need a separate account if the bidness just pays its own way directly into a given AMEX account.

This would decomplicate the bookkeeping: only one account instead of two. And since I rarely have any need to go online with the iPad when I’m not in the house, the reasonable thing to do would be to cancel the ATT subscription for that thing, thereby saving about 15 bucks a month.

Costco, as it develops, will accept debit cards, even at the gas pump. And I do have a debit card. So as soon as they take away the AMEX cards, I’ll be down one card and happy to say so.

3 thoughts on “Simplifying My Financial Life: THANK YOU Costco!”

  1. I may joining you….I have a Amex that I pay a fee for….these guys have been great….and I get 6% back on groceries. BUT as time goes by I spend more and more at ALDI which takes no CC’s and less at the full service stores that take CC’s. If this trend continues this will be a losing proposition and one I won’t want to be a part of….

    • AMEX has a no-annual-fee card. It gives some kind of kickback, in the form of reward points or some such. That sort of thing is essentially useless to me, since I don’t travel by air and I don’t eat out much. But the card is handy. I don’t know if they’ll translate the “rewards” gimmick to cash.

  2. OMG…I only have rewards cards….As a matter of fact I “bought” my new lap top with rewards points…and it came in a box from…Best Buy. You can get gift cards for a bunch of things…DW likes the Panera gift cards to buy their bread she is fond of and you can always just use the rewards for cash to reduce your bill.

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