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So this is retirement?

With retirement like this, who needs work?

I read student papers till 11:30 last night (the result of having loafed half the day before, if reading page proofs can be called loafing); leapt up at 6:00 a.m.; shot across the city with La Maya to an estate sale (nice stuff: too expensive); shot home, delivering edited page proofs to a publisher on the way; worked till class met; collected another mound of papers to add to the mound from the other class (yet to be read); shot back out to Scottsdale to a business reception; flew back; fed the dog; took the dog for a walk, wherein we witnessed the immediate aftermath of a three-fatality wreck (teenagers from the tenements across 19th Avenue); trudged home; sat down to write a few lines of copy I’d said I’d do on a volunteer basis for the choir director; listened to the clock tick while trying to figure out what to say (it ain’t easy to praise God when you’ve just seen the end of three kids); heard the Mac boing at the arrival of a new e-mail message bearing not one, not two, not three, but twelve new documents from a client…

Oh, God. At this rate, I’m not going to live through retirement!

4 thoughts on “So this is retirement?”

  1. Yeesh, I got tired just READING that day of work! By comparison, my life should have tumbleweeds rolling across it.

    And now that i have a better idea of just how far Scottsdale is from 19th avenue — I mean, I know we’re not all that close to 19th and we’re still about 20 blocks away from Scottsdale ourselves — it sounds so much the worse.

    I think perhaps you should concentrate on putting the “retire” back in retirement. Lest you have a mid-retirement burnout from working too much. Though it would make for a great post title…

  2. @ Abigail: Clearly I’m can’t continue like this forever. Or even more than a few months. The only way I can see to earn the permitted $14,100 without killing myself next year is to find a part-time receptionist’s or clerical job that would pay that much and not saddle me with work that has to be done after hours. The nature of teaching is that you are saddled, indeed. Writing and editing work to the same effect.

    A friend of mine once remarked that freelance writing DOES allow you to set your own work hours: any 18 hours of the day you please.

  3. You need to cut back on some stuff! If you’re working 18 hour days when you’re supposed to be retired you’ve got too much on your plate. Probably best to finish the work you’ve currently got but I wouldn’t recommend taking on any more projects until you can breathe again. Yikes! Good luck with everything and kudos for working so hard, but breathe… 🙂

  4. I surely hope there’s an end in sight for these 18 hour days! It does make sense to get it out now before the 14,100 limit is imposed next year, but good gravy it takes a lot out!

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