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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Something Evil This Way Comes…

Godlmighty. It’s like living in some retrograde Southern state during the 1950s. Doubt me? Check out this example of Arizona civility, a fine performance by the products of our state’s fine educational system.

Image: “We Are All Loyal Klansmen,” sheet music cover. 1923. Public Domain.

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  1. If I’d never left the country I expect I would have taken these things in stride…maybe… Having lived in England for nearly 15 years, though, this all sounds like the Deep South or the Wild West. Not sure I’m sturdy enough to survive in such a place! Sure hope cooler heads are able to prevail…

  2. It’s not at all clear that there are cooler heads. With the exception of a very few, our elected representatives are at the front of the mob, to which they pander shamelessly. It is a frightening time. If I were a young person, I would be seeking to benefit from “globalization” by emigrating to a country that has a shot at maintaining its middle class and that is not threatened by demagogues and extremists.

  3. Soto for President!

  4. @ kjg: Or at least for governor of Arizona!

    Oh, heck: Cassie the Corgi could do a better job as governor. And she’s lots more photogenic. Cassie for Governor!

  5. Well, I used to think of Napolitano as our first woman president, but my doubts are growing. Maybe she met her match in her current position. Think I’ll take another look at Soto. That woman has guts.

  6. @ Nicole: Yup. It’s par for the course.