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Speaking of “Stop the World”….

Lo! This morning I discover that Word has apparently automatically encrypted a file containing a pile of data I learned about my ancestors. HOLY Sheee-ut! It wants a password. What password?

You have to send them an email begging for a password before you can get into YOUR OWN FILE! Goddammit, just what we all need: something else to waste our time on!

I managed to get in with the accursed extraneous password; copied the file’s contents, and pasted to a new Wyrd file. Apparently, that did the trick: It looks like the damn thing isn’t going to ask for a password for this new file.

But how many other files on my system have been magically encrypted?

And lo and behold! Once again my land line is dead!!!!!!!!!

That means I have to hassle around and struggle around AGAIN to get someone over here to fix the goddamn phones!

Goddammit! I have the land line FOR A REASON. And that is as follows: I don’t think to carry a phone around with me every minute of my waking existence. Nor do I own clothing that inevitably has a pocket that will hold a cell phone. The accursed little flip phones won’t hold a charge longer than a few hours. This means that without a land line, I am often WITHOUT ANY WAY TO CALL FOR HELP if and when I fall and break another bone. It means that the next time that happens — especially if it happens in the house, where no one can hear me screaming for help — I will lay on the floor until I die.

The last time I fell, it was outside by the pool. Even though the bone that was broken was in my shoulder, I could not get myself up off the ground. I screamed and screamed and screamed and SCREAMED for help until finally a neighbor heard me and called 911. I could have laid there and died of thirst and shock, for all most people around here care. And certainly for all Cox cares.

It’s a dying technology, no doubt of that. Guess I’m just going to have to resign myself to toting a damn cell phone around with me every where I go, in the house or out. And the fact that women’s clothing tends not to have usable pockets? Just tough, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of “Stop the World”….”

  1. It sounds like you need a flip phone that’s a little more advanced than what you currently have. I bought my LG Classic at Walmart back in 2021. I don’t text or call every day, so the charge lasts 3 or 4 days. Also, it’s quite a bit smaller than a standard cell, so fits in pockets more easily. That is, if you have pockets. ;O)

    • Good thought. I have several cute li’l cheapie flip phones, and yeah: I do TRY to remember to drop one in a pocket when I go out.

      The land lines went down throughout the ‘Hood, because the phone company was working on them. Nice of Cox to let us know!

      But they did send a very nice repairman around, eventually. He got everything working, including the weird new modem.

      Hm…I do need to figure out the Alexa thing, though!

  2. One benefit (that I have thankfully not had occasion to use) of having a bunch of little Amazon echo devices scattered around the house – is that from any spot I can yell to Alexa to call 911 or my emergency contact.

    And – in the case of an intruder breaking in downstairs while I’m upstairs without my phone – you can whisper to Alexa (and she’ll whisper back, LOL)

    It’s one of those things that I think about occasionally, living alone.

    • That sounds like a sterling idea. It would be good to have, too, if you fell and broke a hip (apparently almost inevitable for Old Bats): you could holler for help if you couldn’t get off the floor.

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