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Holeee shee-UT! What a day.

I’ve been around and around and around Robin Hood’s barn today, metaphorically and literally. The headaches and the hassles have gone on and on and ON, so many I can’t even remember them all.

Phoenix is Southern California Redux. I hated living in Southern California. Hated the crowds. Hated the traffic. Hated the smog. Hated the ubiquitous ticky-tacky.

And Late Ticky-Tacky is the dominant style here. Everyplace you look here is tacky. The tacky apartment buildings, the tired cheaply built ranch houses, the brain-banging maze of surface streets, the unholy freeways: tacky, tackier, and tackiest. This characteristic strikes you most strongly when you’re weary from trudging through bumper-to-bumper traffic over bland, faceless streets that carry you past bland, faceless neighborhoods and bland, faceless strip malls.

The high point of the day was weaving my way over and through this lovely landscape, down to the Best Buy. There I was told what I already knew: my laptop (admittedly, my aged laptop) is about done for. It’s just plain worn out.

So now I get to buy a new laptop. That’ll be another two or three thousand bucks. AND naturally — yes, naturally — my software won’t run on it. The Geek Squad is going to try to keep the present incumbent running a while longer. But you can be sure “a while” represents a limited stretch of time.

How can I count the ways I don’t wanna spend hours and hours and days and days running into weeks learning new programs that don’t do what I need them to do? Ugh!

Oh well.

Speaking of things one would think have Gone Away, at Amazon what should I find but some real, old-fashioned Mentholatum! Who’d’ve thunk it was still being made, anywhere?

This, I hope, will work on the peripheral neuropathy as it affects the lips.

Then at the Walmart I found something with lidocaine in it. One would hesitate to put that anywhere near one’s mouth…but I sincerely hope it will help with the mad tingling in the hands, the feet, and the legs.

A-n-n-d in the ether that is the Internet, once again I came across evidence that my grandmother did NOT die when my mother was led to believe she did. Apparently the cancer and the suffering and the drug taking and my 18-year-old mother being made to tend her was all a show. In fact she married a prominent San Francisco businessman, had a street named after her, and hung out in Hemet.

I knew those people were weird. But this stuff takes the cake.


2 thoughts on “STOP THE WORLD!”

  1. I have a desktop with Windows 10 that cannot be upgraded to Windows 11. I’m going to see if my local computer shop can reasonably upgrade it.
    I hate learning new computers & software.

    I had no idea peripheral neuropathy could affect your lips. Is Mentholatum different from Vicks? My husband sometimes gets itchy legs and Vicks(generic) works well on calming it down. The combination of petroleum jelly & menthol seems to do the trick, even better than cortisone.

    • Don’t know if they’re the same, but apparently they’re similar. The relevant ingredient seems to be menthol, so probably any mentholated rub will help some.

      Yeah, in my case it affects the lips and the gums around my upper front teeth. And the hands. And the feet. And the shins.

      If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, CBD cream is as effective as anything I’ve tried. The cream seems better than the oil, to my mind, because the cream soaks in and doesn’t mess up your clothes or shoes. And it has no odor.

      One thing to avoid: Some allergy pills have been implicated as a cause of peripheral neuropathy. The stuff in Claritin is at issue…and what have I been gulping down for years? ooooohh yah: Claritin. /eyeroll/ Makes Christian Science look better & better, doesn’t it?

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