Coffee heat rising

Stuff Happens…and Doesn’t Happen…

LOL! Especially doesn’t happen. Mostly because when you’re old as the hills you forget how long ago it was that you watered the hills. 😀

Seriously. I cannot remember ANYTHING, and when I do remember something, I can’t remember where I put it.

I thought I’d bought coffee the last time I trekked down to AJ’s.

Nice thought. Wrong, tho — so it appears. I can NOT find a bag of coffee beans anywhere in the Funny Farm, not to save my life. Usually it goes in the freezer….but nope. Not there. Not in the big storage freezer in the back room. Not in the refrigerator. Not in the kitchen storage cabinet.


So whenever I finish this cup of tea, I’ve gotta get off my duff and traipse down to AJ’s again, to stock up on coffee.

The thing is…I’m pretty damn sure I bought coffee the last time I was there. It was on the shopping list, which remains on its whiteboard attached to the garage door. If I’d utterly blown it off, I think I would’ve noticed. Only thing I can imagine is maybe I left it in the shopping cart when I went to unload the groceries into the car.

Senility…what a trip!