Coffee heat rising

Super Bowl y-Cumin’ In…

Ohhh hot diggety. Arizona is hosting the Stupor Bowl this year…the show will play at the big stadium out in Glendale, on the 101 freeway. Great fun and high thrills if you’re a football fan.

Heh…not so much if football isn’t your idea of entertainment. 😀

The place is going to be jammed with traffic, much of it out-of-towners. As those of you have enjoyed my bellyaching about the homicidal streets of Phoenix know, traffic here is a bitch under the best of circumstances. But when you have thousands of extra drivers unfamiliar with the roads, confused, and impatient to get where they’re going…hoooleee gawd!

The thing is slated for February 12, late in the afternoon. Today is the 5th. So that gives one full week to stock in food and batten down the hatches. Actually, less than that: you don’t want to be on the roads when that many out-of-towners are cruising around, whether or not they’re headed to their beloved Event. Presumably they’ll start pouring into the Valley along about the 10th.

So by then I figure I’d better have everything in the house that I need, so that I don’t have to drive the car around for at least a couple days before and a couple days after the great spectacle. Today is only the 7th, though, so that gives a whole week to stock up. Well…not quite. Since we’re nigh unto the height of the tourist season, this place will start jamming up right about now. So one thing I need to do today is schlep out to Costco, get the propane tanks refilled, and fight mobs to stock up on food and necessaries. Blech! Just how I wanna spend my day…

As the week grinds on, both Costco and the beloved AJ’s grocery will be chuckablock full of people preparing for Stupor Bowl parties. So…best to get the Costco frenzy out of the way today or tomorrow. Then along about Wednesday, pile in the regular groceries.

Ugh. Just what i wanna do on a beautiful day!!