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Thank You, Mrs. Micah!


This afternoon Mrs. Micah spent half her day migrating The Copyeditor’s Desk from, whose proprietors had noticed that, yea verily, it’s a commercial site in violation of their ToS and so taken it off the air, over to Bluehost, present home of Funny about Money.

She accomplished this in a few hours, in contrast to the horrific project presented by the migration of FaM, a two-year-old site with endless graphics and more than daily postings and bastardizations of code from iLife, Word, and WordPress.

Even though the new Copyeditor’s Desk site uses WordPress’s White as Milk blogging template, it’s set up to mimic a business website. Click on the “Articles on Editing and Publishing” link at the bottom of the front page and you’ll access what really are posts of general interest to writers and editors.

Speaking of Mrs. M’s many talents, have you read her amazing post on 2009 tax deductions at her PF blog, Finance for a Freelance Life? This is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen on a personal finance blog.

We debated whether to monetize the Copyeditor’s Desk. I didn’t want ads on the front page, and Mrs. Micah thought it would be unproductive to confine advertising to the posts. Given that my hands and Tina’s are full with trying to cobble together our respective livings from innumerable sources, we know neither of us is likely to write daily posts for CE Desk to make it operate as a full-fledged blog. So, we decided to leave it unmonetized for the time being.

At any rate, it gives us a URL to add to our e-mail signatures and business cards.

So…you’re a writer? Remember…

Every writer needs an editor!