Coffee heat rising

The Key to My…

…Continued Business! 😀

So here’s a nice small miracle:

When I came in the door to the garage the other day, the deadbolt jammed and my key got stuck in the lock. After some struggle, I managed to get the key out, then go ’round to the front door to get in. This, three or four weeks after an Anderson Locksmiths guy had come over and supposedly fixed the damn thing.

So I figured it was just worn out — we installed that lock when I moved in, back in two thousand and aught four. So the thing is 16 years old…and that’s the door I pass in and out of all the time. Up to the Depot; buy a new lock. Manage to find another Kwikset just like it!!!!! 

Call Anderson and tell them to come install the lock.

When they show up — two new guys, not the fella who surfaced the last time — they’re floored that I bought a new lock. They say they can fix it.

So they fiddle with the thing a bit, mess with the strike plate, have a good time chatting, and…damned if they don’t have that fine device working like a greased chicken feather! It didn’t work this well when it was new.  A-A-A-A-A-N-D because they discovered the trip was a “re-call” because the thing went back on the fritz after the first guy tried to fix it, they charged me exactly…NOTHING!!!!!!!

They suggested I take the new lock back to the Depot.

But…I’m thinkin’ maybe not. Truly, I was flabbergasted to find one that matched the rather expensive set(s) throughout the house. O’course, I had a job when I moved in here (remember those?), so I could afford to buy Kwikset’s better-than-builder-grade hardware. But how long are they likely to keep on making that line? The lock was pricey. However, if I keep it, I’ll have one on hand if the suspect lock craps out or if another one does.

There are three deadbolts in the house. Two — the ones in the kitchen — are identical. The one on the front door came as part of a fancy front-door set. It’s slightly more elaborate on the part that fits the outside of the door, but the same on the inside. I’m sure I can touch up the door’s paint if I have to replace that lock with this one. If I do stay here until I croak over, one day I may be happy to have this lock.