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Terminally Lazy?

Lordie, it’s 12:30 in the afternoon and I’ve not scribbled a word. Have I arrived at end-stage laziness?

Arose late this morning — quarter to six. Shot out the door to meet a colleague and fly across the city to this week’s bidness group meeting.

I’d thought I wouldn’t be there to chair the get-together this morning, because I imagined I was supposed to be surged yesterday, not last Monday. Today I’m not only still kickin’, I’m full of ginger.

Fortunately, I’d foisted the chair’s job on one of the other members, a person who should’ve been a teacher because of her born fluency with human relationships (if only she didn’t have designs on a living wage). We were out of a speaker today, and so she decided each of us would do a mini-presentation about our businesses.

She posed the following questions:

Everyone should be prepared to talk about their first year in business or the current job you are sporting. It would be interesting to hear

1.  What made you choose this business?
2.  What made you choose the business name?
3.  Were the start-up costs what you expected?
4.  What were the pitfalls that you could pass on to another who would be starting a business?
5.  What were some of the first marketing ideas that you tried?

Wow! It was a freaking stroke of genius!

Of the twelve breakfast-group members present, a half-dozen got through this assignment. And it was extremely interesting. As we all sat there listening to the various entrepreneurs’ stories, several of us thought, as by mental telepathy, Holee mackerel! We have GOT something here!

We think we could do an e-book — preferably with a print-on-demand analog — telling the start-up stories of these twelve businesses. And we think it would sell.

At the very least, it would be interesting locally. Some of these folks represent some very prominent Arizona companies. But I think such a book would interest anyone who was interested in starting a business or in launching into a commission-only (or mostly commission-based) entrepreneurial job with a larger company.

Next week, we have a bank manager as a guest speaker. But the following week, the rest of us will tell our stories.

So, whaddaya think?

Would you be interested in reading a short book relating the start-up stories of successful small-business entrepreneurs, complete with advice on what to do and what not to do?

5 thoughts on “Terminally Lazy?”

  1. Now, let me see if I have this straight. You teach several college level courses, you run a fairly demanding editing business, you write three (or is it four?) internet blogs, you are working on writing your second novel and marketing your first, you are wrestling with a sometimes angelic, sometimes devilish new pup in your life along with your regular mutt, and you’re struggling with serious decisions about cancer treatment options.

    And now you want to add an e-book to the pile. Nuff said?

    • LOL! Remember, I have subcontractors. They do most of the work. I delegate. Blogging is as natural to me as breathing…and this book idea will write itself. And it’ll sell.

  2. …what she said… I must not be paying attention, I only remember two blogs. What are the names of all your blogs?

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