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The Food Blast: What to Do with It

So the kitchen still overflows with produce after yesterday’s serendipitous visit from the food rescue charity. OMG, you never saw so much food in this kitchen!

Yesterday evening M’hijito came over for dinner: a kind of “hot dish” lasagne that was not lasagne; sliced eggplant layer + cheese layer + sauce layer + different cheese layer + Costco pasta layer + cheese layer + different cheese layer + sauce layer + grated Parmesan layer. Made the sauce from some of the tomatoes.

Pretty good.

So far today I’ve made a tomato soup, using six more of the gigantic cardboard-flavored beefsteak tomatoes and a couple of summer squash. It’s pretty good, having been saved by some pork broth that I stuck in the fridge after cooking up a bunch of muy cheapo Costco pork for the dogs. And by the dregs of a bottle of wine M’hijito brought over last night.


Mostly it tastes of onion, celery, carrot, garlic, pork broth, and red wine. But it looks pretty, eh? I also added a little Pomì brand packaged tomatoes — Italian tomatoes that really are very tasty, indeed. But it wasn’t enough to goose the essence de tomate much.

The result has a nice enough flavor now, even if it doesn’t taste much like tomato. 🙄 I figure it’ll be good to add things TO: heat a handful of shrimp in a pan of it, for example. Once it’s packed away, it should also provide the basis of many light meals.

LOL! I won’t have to buy groceries until that outfit comes back around next month!

A half-dozen giant flavor-free tomatoes are still sitting on the counter. Those need to be converted into gazpacho, but to do that I’ll need to pick up a bell pepper, a bottle of tomato juice, and maybe some more cheap red wine.

As soon as I backwash the pool again (! …we’re having a little maintenance issue today…), I’ll go out, get those things, come back into the sauna that is my house, and build several quarts of gazpacho.

Then put a couple of the summer squash to marinate so as to grill them for dinner tonight, and then refrigerate the rest and the two pretty eggplants to be made into ratatouille tomorrow.

It is just. too. bloody. HOT in here to spend any length of time running the stove or the oven.

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