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The Ineffable Impossibility of Covid-19 Vaccination…

Speaking of prepping, as we were yesterday, this morning I tried (again!) to make an appointment through the Arizona Department of Health Service’s web portal for covid vaccination. Here’s what happened:

I went all the way through DHS’s appointment calendar TO THE END OF JUNE — and even tried a few dates in July — and for every single search got a “no events open” reply. Either the system doesn’t work, or they are 100% booked through the beginning of July. And, presumably, beyond.

Each search requires 11 clicks-and-waits. Over and over and over. So to search through to the end of June requires 1,837 clicks-and-waits, only to be told “NO” about 30 days a month, for all hours of the days and nights.

If something comes up that you have to leave your computer and attend to something else, to return to the search you have to jump through the ENTIRE SERIES OF SIGN-UP HOOPS AGAIN. The system doesn’t remember anything more than a few slots of data, so you have to plod through that whole rigamarole again to restart your search, filling in dozens of slots and replying to irrelevant and intrusive questions.

How hard do you suppose it would be for DHS to post a calendar showing when the next available dates are? If such a thing exists, it’s not evident on their website.

By the end of June, the plague probably will be over. So presumably if you live that long, you won’t need a vaccination — that’s some comfort. I guess.

How hard, really, would it have been to simply fund dry ice containers for pharmacies in each ZIP code? Having been through pharmacy school, surely the employees at these sites would be clever enough to understand how to keep the vaccine frozen, and why. Yes, it would be expensive. But it couldn’t cost much more than funding a laughable, almost unnavigable website and paying legions of healthcare workers to staff centralized sites that are open 24/7.

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    • Yes. I clicked on dates all the way through to the end of June before giving up.

      Oh, wait: You mean…repeat that farce for every single dispensing point in the county? Good lord! There’s a limit to my tolerance for frustration, and we’re already past it. 😀 Maricopa County is larger than LA county and almost all thickly urbanized. We’re talking hour-plus drives to most of these places, through homicidal traffic.

      At the Maricopa County website, all of the dispensing sites except Sun City West(!!!) say “No Current Availability.” Sun City West is literally halfway to Wickenburg. To even ask at the SC West site, which has “Limited Availability,” you have to go through the same torturous hoop-jump that I’ve already done.

      No, I’ll wait until we get some more vaccines and just hope the virus doesn’t come visiting before then. Seriously: a one-shot vaccine (rather than having to go through all this sh!t twice(!!!) and risk a negative reaction (twice!) is infinitely preferable. I don’t have a social life anyway, and have no objection to wearing masks everywhere I go…so I think my chance of catching this thing is relatively low. Especially if I’m right that I was a early adapter, back in 2019.

      • When I click through to the Banner registration site it took me directly to the earliest available appointments. I can see appointments available at the Central (AZ Fairgrounds) location as early as January 25th.

      • Hmm… Well, I have a doctor’s appointment this morning — approximately 80 minutes of driving time RT, if the roads are clear. So have to start getting ready for that now. When I get back this noon, I’ll try this out. Thanks!

  1. Well, you’re still better off than Los Angeles County. They “hope” to begin vaccinating 65 and over at the beginning of February (no registration capability as yet). They’re still on health workers.

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