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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

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Cheers! Check out Kostas Chiotis’s latest round-up over at Finance Blog Zone. Kostas hit up every finance blogger in sight to contribute a blurb on how to manage debt. It’s old home day over there! (And new home day, too: a bunch of younger writers are in there with us old bats.) There’s Trent Hamm, by golly: the original inspiration for Funny about Money. Others of the old guard are there — Evan of My Journey to Millions wins my prize for “Man of Fewest Words”: on the subject of managing debt, says he, “Figure out why you have it.” 🙂 Many of the younger pups are represented, among them Ginger of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds and Shannyn Allan of Frugal Beautiful. Though Funny has drifted away from Personal Finance as a genre (once you feel you have enough money, the subject gets a lot less interesting), the niche is still alive and well.

{grump!} Just poured coffee on my keyboard. Looks like none of it got down inside there, though.

Driving to Tempe in a couple of hours to meet my bidness partner at our favorite lunch hangout. Amazingly, she did not get accepted to law school (those fools!), so I’ll be interested to hear what her next plan is. We also need to cook up a scheme for next year’s Society for Scholarly Publishing conference, whereinat she proposes that we do a panel presentation. She actually had that in mind this spring, but we missed last fall’s RFP deadline.

Which is good: it gives us several months to come up with a winning idea.

The half-dose of codeine worked…half-way. Still coughing, but not gasping for breath. Kinda doubt I can sing tonight, but at least I should be able to make it out to Tempe without expiring on the freeway.

While I’m running around, I should drop by a Sears. We’re told that Sears is on its last legs, and there’s a household doodad I need to get only at Sears. Dammit.

My fridge is a Kenmore. It’s run well for lo! these 13 years — twice as long as its engineered life expectancy, with no repairs at all. It dispenses filtered water, which is rather nice for one’s b&w’s… To do that, it uses an expensive screw-in filter cartridge. These things last a long time. In theory you probably should replace them every six months to a year, but in reality I think I’ve only used about four or five of them. They’re made by Kenmore. You can buy them on Amazon…at considerably higher cost than the already bracing amount you’ll pay at Sears.

So I think I’ll make a Sears run and buy two or three of the things. That refrigerator can’t last all that much longer. But I’d like not to have to replace if for a stupid reason like “they don’t make those filters anymore.”

Here’s a marvelous little gem in this morning’s news: The FDA announces that the very type of breast implants the boob surgeons tried their damnedest to talk me into cause cancer. Holy shit! Am I glad or am I glad that I put my foot down and refused to let them stick those things under my chest muscles!?!

You know, I rather like being flat as a nine-year-old. A pair of fake titties tattooed on there might be nice…but since nobody ever sees me except an occasional passing helicopter pilot (who deserves what he gets 😀 ), it’s surely not a matter of any urgency. Or of much interest. As it develops, almost all of my clothes look just fine on me. And for sure everything is about 110% more comfortable: no binding, no rubbing, no squeezing, no itching, no riding up, no sagging, no hurting. Just think of that: clothes that don’t make you miserable! And the joy of never having to shop for another bra ever again: priceless.

Somebody tried to shoot up the British Parliament, we’re told. How’s that gun control workin’ out for ya, folks? On the same subject, though, it doesn’t seem to be working out well here. In lovely Arizona if you’re a felon, even of the minor variety, you are prohibited evermore from owning a gun. That notwithstanding, a pair of nitwits — the as-yet unconvicted wife no doubt operating as a straw purchaser — enjoyed keeping a pistol around the house. The female nitwit tossed the pistol on the bed as she was fiddling around the house. Their two-year-old picked it up and shot their nine-year-old in the head. He died, after a pointless spell on life support.

You should have to pass an IQ test to be eligible to buy a gun.

The Economist is agonizing over Brexit and Scoxit — the Scots now proposing a second referendum to divorce Britain, so they don’t have to leave the EU. Of course, the journal being a very liberal, free-trade sort of publication strongly espouses staying and is editorially abhorred by the vote to exit and the ascendence of Theresa May. Yet they do (unlike American publications of record) publish reasoned arguments for the other side. A commenter in the March 18 letters, Robert Aitken of Oxford, asks a very interesting question: “if Britain had never joined the EU, would we now vote to do so?”

His answer to that fine rhetorical question is, in short, no: “Looking at the wasteful, sclerotic, and undemocratic grouping it has become, only a Euro-enthusiast of the deepest hue could think that we would.” The remainder of his letter explains his reasoning — it’s very much worth reading.

But in the “reading” department, Firefox is busy threatening to crash again, so it looks like it’s time to close this and close all the other tabs and shut the whole system down and go get ready to drive across the city.

And so, away…

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  1. My husband was an engineer for Whirlpool’s refrigerator division for a couple of decades, and I can tell you that all Kenmore does is periodically do a contract with Whirlpool or GE, or others to rebrand different models of their appliances as Kemores. If you can figure out the manufacturer of your unit, you can buy their brand of filter at any home or hardware store. In fact if you check the shelves of a hardware store, you will likely spot the exact same thing you’ve been buying from Sears in a different box.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a Whirlpool. I’ll try to track down the model number and see if that gives me a clue…actually, I’ll bet the guys at the appliance store with which I’ve newly fallen in love can find out! Thanks for the idea. <3