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Tip’d is official

If you’ve been awake in the PF blogosphere lately, you’ve probably heard of Tip’d, a new personal finance social networking site that’s been a-building for awhile. Well, it’s out of beta format and has “gone public.” Check it out!

For some reason, it seems easier to use (to my mind, anyway) than other social networking sites I’ve looked at. The layout is really attractive—soothing to the eye and handsomely designed—but more to the point, it’s extremely simple to navigate. The right-hand sidebar gives you many clues to what’s current, with a “what’s hot” list, latest comments, and the “20 top tags” cloud. Though the footer is a long way down the homepage, it’s worth scrolling to for its links to handy tools and the community blog.

I like it! 🙂

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