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Tomorrow: Birth of a new series

Tomorrow morning begins the first in what I hope will be a long-running, fairly regular series. I’m calling it Entrepreneurs.

Every now and then I meet or hear of someone who has an unusual or even unique enterprise. Many of these small businesses are interesting in their own right. Some are especially interesting to PF readers because they suggest creative ways to start a business that could support you or to build a side income large enough to get you out of debt or build a credible savings plan. So it occurred to me that Funny about Money regulars and visitors might enjoy learning about these highly original ideas now and again.

The first post in the Entrepreneurs series should go up in the wee hours of the 25th. I hope to run about one such story a month.

And I especially hope you enjoy these stories. If you know someone who’s bringing a creative business idea to life, please give me a lead: she or he could be featured on Funny about Money.

Selling lemonade: Germany, 1931
Selling lemonade: Germany, 1931

Image: Deutsches Bundesarchiv, Wikipedia Commons

1 thought on “Tomorrow: Birth of a new series”

  1. Great idea for diversifying, increasing readership, providing a service, and inspiring creative ideas. I’ve just read the first submission and bookmarked YourAutoNetwork.Com for the service it provides, but I’m also inspired by Cary’s dedication to quality. I’ll be watching for your next feature!

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