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Update: CRP V5000 Call Blocker

Okay, so last Friday I enjoyed several Epic Fails . Ranking high among them: After I attached the new CRP V5000 call blocker, first call that came in was from my son, who blocks Caller ID so that what I see is “unknown name, unknown number.”

Naturally, I punch BLOCK CALL on the fancy new CRP V5000 Call Blocker. And before i put the phone headset down, i think o.h. s.h.!.t.

Call the kid back, ask him to call me. Yes. His number — his unknown number — is now blocked. The instructions for the little machine, which are highly minimalist in nature, do not explain how to unblock an unknown number.

Sh!t Hell and Damn. So I unplug the nifty little machine and endure the usual six to ten nuisance calls per day, starting at 7:00 a.m., on Saturday and Sunday.

This morning I call the CRP V5000 maker’s customer service line and…get this! A HUMAN BEING ANSWERS!

Holy mackerel. I haven’t encountered an actual living being on the other end of a customer service number in as long as I can remember.

When I recover from my swoon, I describe the issue. It takes the gent about 20 seconds to explain, in words intelligible to elderly female PhDs, how to fix it. Forthwith, M’hijito’s phone number (which, it develops, is visible from within the gadget — so much for your caller ID over-ride, Young Dude!) is unblocked.

So the device is now plugged in (again) and recruited for service. It’s after 3:00 p.m., and I haven’t received one (1) nuisance call since the little guy was reconnected.

Within a few days, we will know whether this interesting doodad works. How can I say how much I hope it does work!

I’m not replacing the endless voicemail/advertising message until we see whether the V5000 cuts the number of pest messages. But I have drafted a nice, brief outgoing voicemail with which to replace the yakathon (robocalls automatically hang up after about 30 or 40 seconds of recorded jabber…but then, so do potential new clients). Along about the middle of the week, with any luck, that will go online.

2 thoughts on “Update: CRP V5000 Call Blocker”

    • Yeah. Well, the two reasons I do:

      Like many people my age, I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to use the damn smartphones.


      The landline supports SIX phones, most of which are close enough to the floor that if I fall and can still drag myself across the tiles, I can reach one to call 911.

      If I have to get a smartphone (“when” is probably the operative term), a) I’m going to lose it every time I turn around and b) when I do know where it is, it probably will be on the kitchen counter. You can’t reach the kitchen counter or the top of a table when you’re on the floor with a broken hip. The alternatives are to keep the phone in a pocket all the time (as I sit here in my nightclothes, I do not have a pocket — indeed, most women’s clothing does not have pockets) or to pay for a service that gives you a panic-button to wear around your neck ALL the time, like a dog with a collar.

      The thing seems to have worked, BTW. Not even ONE more nuisance call came for the rest of the day. Apparently most of the nuisance calls have been coming from the 5000 numbers the device automatically blocks.

      It also works on VoIP systems, BTW, if you want to switch from cable or wire service. VoIP is much cheaper than a landline, but as i mentioned in an earlier post, it makes you dependent on your wireless service and the electric actually working. Cox wireless is OK but certainly not invulnerable. To be safe at all times, you’d HAVE to also have a cellphone, and since those cost upwards of 50 bucks a month, the cell defeats the low cost of VoIP + NoMoRobo, if you don’t feel you just must have a cell. Plus of course the damn computerized stuff is just cussed difficult.

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