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Updates: Bleach and Bugs

Item: The no-chlorine, oxygen laundry bleach.

Holy mackerel. Since the stuff seems to have disappeared from the nearby grocery stores’ shelves and I couldn’t even get it from Amazon, I dropped by a Fry’s Marketplace (Kroger’s) on the way home from an appointment with Young Dr. Kildare. And yes: I did find it there. Try to guess the price…

SIXTEEN BUCKS for 88 ounces! That’s 16 cents an ounce….

So pretty clearly this is a product that’s being taken off the market. I was going to buy two bottles of it, but thought I really couldn’t afford that.

I’ve already looked at Target — they don’t have the stuff, in any brand.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go over to the Walmart — the full-service Walmart, not the grocery-store version, which we already know doesn’t carry it. Failing that, I may drive back halfway to the White Tanks to grab another bottle of it at the astonishing price. Which is, we may say in glorious understatement, not what I want to do just now.

Once the stuff is no longer available, though, it looks like you can use plain hydrogen peroxide in its place. And in the glorious tradition of the great Trent Hamm, the grand-daddy of all personal finance bloggers, you could combine the H2O2 with washing soda, fifty-fifty, to make your own DIY knockoff.

Personally, I feel washing soda is, as chemicals go, a little harsher than I want to use on my clothing and sheets, especially in the new-fangled washers that don’t do a very good job of rinsing the laundry. So I think once actual laundry-quality O2 bleach is gone, I’ll be using just plain hydrogen peroxide, available in gay abandon from Costco.

At any rate…it’s annoying. Personally, I’m damn tired of seeing every product that works taken out of our sticky little hands.

Item: Pounding on Death’s Door

The bastards still aren’t letting me in!

Source: Merck Manual

Schlepped across the Valley to see Young Dr. Kildare, with whom I had a long-standing appointment. He was less than thrilled with some of my reports from the battle scene at the Mayo.

To start with, he reviewed the contents of this year’s annual physical from the Mayo and was surprised that my assigned doc there did not flag what he believes to be unacceptably high cholesterol levels. That, I think, is arguable: some might say they’re marginally high but do not yet need medication. He would put me on a med right now.

We compromised: I agreed to lay off the booze (pretty easy, since I haven’t even been able to look at a bottle of beer or wine since this damn bug set in), and he agreed to stand by for four months. Silently, I also decided to replace my regular breakfast fare of several pieces of high-quality cheese with something a little less…rich. He doesn’t know about the roquefort, the cheddar, and the assorted other spectacular dairy products with which I regularly start my days, and he ain’t about to know. 😉

Nor was he pleased to learn that the Mayo had scheduled no follow-up testing for the UTI. He felt I should head for a lab in a few weeks for another urinalysis, to be sure the E. coli in question is really, truly GONE gone.

Although this is somewhat questionable, given my age and the fact that the antibiotic made me so sick I couldn’t take an entire course uninterrupted, it made sense to me. And one good thing about doing this through his office is that he uses labs that are close to my house, as opposed to demanding that I schlep 15 miles across the Valley to use the Mayo’s facilities.

As for the present respiratory ailment that still has me barking like a sea lion, he characterized that not as a “cold” (Mayo’s diagnosis) but as bronchitis, no doubt viral. When I said I’d never had a stuffy nose with the thing, that was what elicited his present opinion. He wants to keep an eye on that, too.

Well, I think the respiratory thing is on the way out, though I’m still so exhausted that at this very moment I can barely type these words. The cough and the fatigue will, if prior experience speaks truth, continue for another four to six weeks, at which point the whole mess should start to pass.

I hope.

10 thoughts on “Updates: Bleach and Bugs”

  1. I’m just now catching up on your lingering illness and the bleach drama because I moved last month and just got an internet connection a few days ago. UGH! I’m getting too old for this shigetty!
    The Oxi Clean bleach disappearing from shelves doesn’t make a lot of sense. I thought the stuff was a good seller, but then I very seldom use any kind of bleach.
    As for your bronchitis, or whatever it is, I sure hope it’s over soon. I haven’t had any kind of upper respiratory illness for about 20 years now (Knock on wood!), but I remember how long the cough would linger even after I was supposedly well. Take care of yourself.

  2. Oxi Clean is available on line at Costco, although we buy it in the store. It’s $21.99 for 11.6 lbs. Good Luck!

  3. Echoing the others, Target in Phoenix does carry it (obviously I don’t k ow your zip code but more than one had it on stock. And for $10. I sued your picture as a guide to which product). Also, if you use the Target site (or Walmart) not only can you see which store has it in stock but do order pick up and not even have to walk through the store. It usually takes less than an hour to an hour for them to fulfill my order (depending on size).

    Last time I had a terrible cough was because they weren’t productive. On advice from my father, I ended up leaning over the edge of my bed during a cough and it was uh productive. A little gross haha

    I just returned from Japan. If only the US would start using face masks!

    • LOL! That’s an ingenious plan for cough management! 😀 Hey: whatever works, works!!

      I did look in the Target where I hang out and didn’t see the stuff there. The Walmart neighborhood grocery didn’t have it, but will admit I didn’t traipse across the freeway to look in the real, super-double-whammy Walmart — if anyplace has it, surely that one would!

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