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Video Day…and stuff

So this evening we’re going to record the video we’re cooking up by way of applying for the $20,000 small business award. I’m positioning it as something that will support the S-corp in marketing the Boob Book. That is, not “give me money so I can sit around and write a book” but “invest your money in  marketing this product.”

Heh! It’ll be interesting to see if it flies, won’t it?

Twenty grand would buy a decent marketing campaign. And a significant grant like this would get me through an agent’s door, meaning I could probably get the thing published by one of the surviving Big Five houses.

If that’s the case, it’ll be the last chance for me, in the years allotted, to hit print again through a mainline publisher. The publishing industry is in a shambles — William Morrow, my old publisher, is no  more, and even the few large publishers that remain can no longer make a profit in the current atmosphere. Publishing is now a hobbyist’s game, by and large, with just a few big names dominating what little remains of profitability. Two articles from the current Author’s Guild newsletter, one by Roxana Robinson and the other on losses created by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (pp. 11-14), tell you just about all you need to know.

The handwriting on the wall says “find some other line of work.” Writing and publishing as a way to make a living are things of the past.

Twenty grand is close to what I would earn as an advance from a mainline publisher, given my track record with The Essential Feature and Math Magic, one of which earned steadily for many years and one of which was one of William Morrow’s ten best sellers in each of the two years after it was published. But it’s not coming from a publisher…probably because a publisher could not earn enough to recover that advance in the 21st-century book market.

Well, I’d better get up and rehearse my spiel another few times before my co-conspirators show up.

Pray for the best! 🙂

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