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VOTE for Funny at March Madness!

Hey! Funny’s post at Free Money Finance’s March Madness is up for a vote. I submitted Truth, the Highest Thing that Man May Keep. As you may know, many of the entries are top choices in the Best of Money Stories Carnival, and so the competition is august, indeed.

Would you please go to the March Madness site and vote for Funny’s post? All you have to do to vote is enter your choices in a comment.

Winners have a donation of $100 to $500 made in their name to a charity of their choice. I’ve selected my church and, especially, the choir, because of the good works they do and because of the central part the members of the music program play in the city’s cultural life. The church itself supports a soup kitchen, an ecumenical chaplaincy for the homeless, Habitat for Humanity, a nursing home, an orphanage in Honduras, and a variety of other charitable causes.

When the new pastor learned that I’d been laid off my job, he called on the phone, if you can imagine, to offer his sympathies and to say the church would do what it could to help me out. Then he talked me into making a pledge of one dollar. Would I ever love to do him five hundred better!

The contest starts Monday, January 18. I would like to ask you to support Funny about Money by going to Free Money Finance’s contest site and voting for Funny’s post.

To vote, all you have to do is go to FMF’s contest page and enter the word “Truth” in a comment. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to “Post a Comment.” Your privacy is secure, and you will not receive e-mails or any other intrusions from FMF.

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